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cget -- slurping files from the nodes

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cget is a utility that retrieves the given file from each node and places them in the the specified directory. Since all files will originally have the same name, an underscore and the cluster name, another underscore, and the node's IP or hostname is appended to each filename. Note that cget ignores subdirectories and links.

Usage: cget [OPTIONS] [MACHINE DEFINITIONS] source [target]

--help -h
:display help message


--file -f <filename>
:alternate cluster configuration file if one is not supplied then /etc/c3.conf will be used


:interactive mode, ask once before executing


:execute command on head node does not execute on compute nodes if specified


:execute command on all nodes in all clusters that are accessible. When specifying --head only the head nodes will participate. This ignores the [MACHINE_DEFINITIONS] section.