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Anel Alexander, James Alexander, Joshus Rous, Meren Reddy Amazon Digital Services LLC

By Jon Ziegler on July 4, 2013

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This movie is an extension of the 2005 play that was well received in South Africa.

Discreet is a very well written, well acted movie, given to us by the lovely Anel Alexander (I couldn't take my eyes off her...) and her husband James Alexander. Anel is the worldly "tough", if you will, call girl who only the top one percent could be entertained by, and James plays "Thomas", the somewhat, not so virginal client, who hires her for advice.

The movie presents us with a philosophical argument about morality, and what it really is. It presents the viewer with the quandary, who's morality is right. In some instances you have an oppressive religious approach versus an almost Objectivist process of thought.

After a rollercoaster ride through arguments, judging, excuses and justification, the ending lets the viewer question who is the most honest of the two, and in some sense, the most moral.

After half a summer of comic book movies and zombie apocalypse, it was nice to watch a film that was not enhanced with special effects, and was very thought provoking.
Not a sexy movie

on May 16, 2016

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and very slow to build. But raises some interesting points about hypocrisy, sex, and love.




Truth, Lies, Love, Loss

on May 14, 2016

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Discreet is a movie about truth. lies, love and loss. The leads, Anel and James Alexander play off each other exceptionally well. If you are looking for sex, look elsewhere - you won't find any here.

If you like intense interaction and dialogue - you'll like this movie. Anel Alexander is quite attractive and very appealing and both actors are definitely up to the task. Discreet is funny yet poignant, intense and deep. Worth watching.