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Clear for sensitive skin. Looks like similat to Breathe Right Advanced Nasal (100 Strips) Breathe Right Advanced Nasal Strips Health & Personal Care

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By Expressed Reviews TOP 500 REVIEWER on January 9, 2015
I've been using Breathe Right nasal strips for at least the past 13 years. I have sleep apnea and use them in conjunction with a ZQuiet mouth guard. Having used every type of nasal strip that the company makes, I can tell you that without a doubt, the Advanced Nasal Strips are the most effective.

The difference between these and some of the other Breathe Right strips is staggering. I'd go as far to say that they're a life saver. When you have sleep apnea, if a product helps to open your airway, it indeed is a life saver. I used to purchase these at BJ's @ $14.99 for a package of 44. Last month when I went to my local store, they told me that they no longer carry them. I went to their website, and they weren't for sale there either. Naturally, my next step was to look on Amazon. Strangely, the only ones that I could find were priced so high as to make them completely unaffordable. I ended up purchasing several boxes of the packages of 44 on eBay for around $15.50 a box. As of this review, the ones listed here come out to less than I paid at BJ's or eBay. I just wish they had been available last month. If you're reading this and the item is still listed for an equivalent price of $14.99 or less for 44(you'll have to do the math), than you're getting a bargain.

Another thing that I'd like to say, is that the ZQuiet is the best mouth guard that I've found for both snoring issues and sleep apnea. Granted, many people who have sleep apnea need to use CPAP, however some like me can get away with just a night guard. I've tried dozens of different brands, including those in which you can make multiple adjustments. None work as well as the ZQuiet, and the one that has multiple adjustments gave me a case of TMJ so I had to stop using it. The ZQuiet allows you to open and close your mouth, as well as to allow for lateral movement. As a result, if not only works, but causes no discomfort or TMJ the morning after. It can only be ordered directly from the company and when you do so, they'll send out two different sizes for you to try. I was surprised to find that the smaller size fit me better than the larger one, as I'm a 200 pound male. I'll also clue you in on a secret. The regular price for the ZQuiet is around $69, however as with most everything, deals can be found. If you call them, tell the salesperson that you received an offer to purchase it for $33. I actually did receive such an offer, but when you call, they don't need to know that you didn't. Tell them you did, and end up saving $36.

The bottom line is that the Breathe Right Advanced Nasal Strips are remarkably effective. If you have issues with snoring, using them in conjunction with the ZQuiet mouth guard will work wonders. Even if you have mild sleep apnea, it's worth giving the two a try. Please note that when I like a product, I tend to get excited about it. I have no affiliation whatsoever with either company mentioned above.
Size: 26 Strips (1 Pack of 26) Verified Purchase

I've been subscribed to receive a box of these every month for about 4 months now. I originally started wearing the Breathe Right strips at my girlfriend's insistence to get me to stop snoring. I now wear them without her reminders as part of my bed time routine.

* They stop me from snoring. No more foggy memories of being woken up and yelled at in the middle of the night.
* Fairly comfortable to wear. It took about a week to get used to wearing them, but now I don't really mind it.
* Breathing through the nose feels amazing while wearing these. Everyone I know who has tried them has been surprised at how it feels to take a really large deep breath just through the nose.

* If you put it on your nose wrong, that's the end of that strip. It will never be adhesive enough to stay on you for the entire night if you try to reapply.
* Creates a lot of trash. Each strip has its individual paper package, plus two peelable pieces over the adhesive. My bedside table is typically littered with these items.
* Sometimes they come off, either on their own accord or due to rolling around at night. You'll find them stuck to your floor, blankets, pillows and pets.
* Occasionally hurts my nose and leaves a bit of a red mark for a few hours after removing. Doesn't happen all the time, and doesn't last long, but still would rather it not happen.
* Comes in boxes of 26. Why not 30 so I only have to buy a box a month?

Despite the cons, at the end of the day I haven't found anything that works better, so I'm sticking with these.

A little tip for a proper application: Peel everything off the strip so the adhesive is fully exposed. Put the middle of the strip over the bridge of your nose. With a quick motion, fold both sides of it down over the sides of the nostrils and hold tight for about 2 seconds. If you didn't get it exactly right... don't mess with it. You'll waste the strip. Most of the time they work just fine even if you get it a little wrong.