Adelson factor in 2020 elections

  1. Is it possible to write critically about Sheldon Adelson without being anti-Semitic?

    The answer is not as obvious as it immediately seems. Adelson is an extremely rich Jew who is proud of this fact (“You know, I am the richest Jew in the world,” he told President Bush). He has made most of his many billions of dollars overseas, and in an industry considered more unsavory than most—casinos. He is extremely litigious. His own children have accused him of cheating them out of money.

    He is a massive political donor—he has given or pledged more than $70 million to Republican groups this cycle—who once got former Rep. Tom DeLay to quash a bill condemning Chinese human rights abuses while he was looking to do business in China.

    His paramount political concern is a particularly hawkish brand of support for Israel.

    These are all indisputable facts—you can find them in Connie Bruck’s New Yorker profile. They also are all, indisputably, grist for anti-Semitic caricature. Surely in some soiled, dank corner of the Internet, someone has used these facts to paint Adelson simply as a rich international Jew trying to buy politicians.

    But you do not need to be an anti-Semite to worry about the impact Adelson could buy himself—particularly given that his company is being investigated by U.S. and Chinese authorities for allegedly illicit business dealings. And in fact, in mainstream discourse, Adelson is spoken of as an anti-Semitic caricature less frequently by his critics than by his defenders, who use the stereotype as a shield to protect him from legitimate inquiries.

    I was one of the critics, and now I’m apparently one of the anti-Semites.

  1. Mossad Did 9/11 says:
    Speaking of Las Vegas. This disgusting little place in the desert…I bought a used dvd ‘documentary’ called ‘ Las Vegas – The Town The Mob Made ‘ , and the producers ( jews of course ) make it to sound as if this Sicilian or Italian mobster ( infamous , just can’t think of his name ) was more powerful and more responsible for Las Vegas than Myer Lansky and his tribal cohort Bugsy Seigal…Yeah, ok.

    Then they tell us the old jewish lie that Hughes was at that time ‘the richest man in the world’…Yeah , ok.

    Although interestingly they do point out that the jewish mob did play a big part in it’s creation.

    As long as they sell you the idea that jews weren’t the main player they are happy to admit it in their demented form of bragging.
    Vegas is truly disgusting. In everyway imaginable.

    But I don’t have any choice right now.

  1. Mossad Did 9/11 says:
    That jew bitch in the vid sounds just like the ones I went to HS with…” Ooohhh , gag me w/ a spoon… I wish I had any clue who was doing this , oy veee…” Excuse me while I puke my guts out.
    I thought it was Voltaire who is credited w/ the very revealing quote at the end ?
    Loved it , thanks t-bone.
  2. JT says:
    The MANTRA Response…. Great short video and translated for others

  3. summerled says:
    yeah the jews have succeeded in the policy of the mental gulag you keep yourself there PC check mate and building real ones for the tyranny to come
    lets keep our eye on the ball keep pumping out the message
    good post’s hear today
  4. silvernickel says:
    info about World Bank jewscum Karen Hudes and her disinformation campaign.

    She now reveals Jesuits and aliens with the long skulls have been controlling the planet. What an scamateur! haha!

  5. summerled says:
    50 Things That People Should Know About Adolf Hitler and National Socialism

    The Third Reich was doing the Lord’s work on earth.

    On January 30th 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. From an unknown soldier in WW1 in 1919, he became master of a nation which had long been governed by Aristocratic elites. He was from a middle class family and during his early life he knew what hunger was as he had been through starvation. He fulfilled a dream of every poor and of middle class person to make it big. Eighty years later, Let us now examine, Good things that Adolf Hitler /Nazis did in 5 years of their rule that we are never taught. But first, the lies being taught;

    The National Socialism (NAZI) is one of the most evil political, economic and social systems in the history of the earth, made famous by their severe acts of cruelty and completely inhuman behavior etc etc etc.

    Now the truth;

  6. Anti-zionist says:
    Good post summerled!!! I cant stand the bullshit that people believe about national socialism.
  7. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:
    The coke dealing murderess of Mena Arkansas will be the next Lesbo El Presidente; expect a lot more fag media in le Juif media….

  8. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:
    The Italian “mob” sure with every hotel in Vegas owned by Khazar scum; when National Socialism takes America his (and all) Jew casino will be bombed into the ground.
  9. ihatekikes says:
    fat piece of kike shit. Doctor must have slapped his bitch incubator when he was shat out. I read in the independant that the greeks are building up a case 180 page doc against golden dawn. Things are starting to get serious there. Sorry cant seem to copy the url. Incog do a article on Golden Dawn. The only way to overcome the kike is with the unity that Golden Dawn shows. We all should be ashamed. I do feed lesser off, of our people. But we need it at grass roots level. Thats where everything will start. Converstaions will take place, names will be named, kikes will be named. I think we need a change in strategy.
  10. Bailey says:
    Jew rat senator josh miller says,

    Go Fuck yourself !

  11. Bailey says:
    Obama’s South African cousins, just another day on the street.

  12. summerled says:
    Bailey says:
    March 30, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    Jew rat senator josh miller says,

    Go Fuck yourself !
    look what these rats do in public and in you face just think what thay are doing behind our backs the mask is slipping

  13. summerled says:
    Ben Franklin cautioned that neglect may breed great mischief when he wrote; ” for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost, and for want of a horse the rider was lost,” being overtaken and slain by the enemy, all for want of care about a horse-shoe nail.

    Franklin’s wisdom has held true throughout the centuries. Tie his wisdom together with the warning by George Santayana’s caution that “Those who fail to learn from history are domed to REPEAT IT” – and you have a recipe for disaster when an entire nation chooses ignorance folly and evil over prudence and wisdom and goodness.

    THIS IS the situation that Americans have allowed themselves to be PURPOSEFULLY deceived distracted deluded and dumbed down by the cunning of the jew. For those whose atrophied brains and tunnel vision eyes are permanently attached to their Talmud Visions jew-tube NFL Stupid Bowl children’s level entertainment – this nation is only one Draconian Federal edict away from total slavery back to the ‘Dark Ages’ of history.

  14. Mossad Did 9/11 says:
    I Hate Kikes @ 3:02
    That’s exactly what is needed.
    A new strategy…
    Tell the truth , I’d be happy to see A strategy.
    And what you say is 100% true. It must be and will be grass roots if it is to be at all ( is that a record for 2 letter words in a row ? ).
    A good way to cut a corner around this would be to have jew wise people infiltrate both Left and Right organizations and do what the jews do.
    Only they don’t have to lie. Of course CZ churches would be an ideal place to subvert the subverters. I guess the people doing it would have to be pretty slick.
    In the meantime we should spit in the eye of Marxist PC and ignore it all together…( none of us are running for potus right ? ) Then fuck it.
    Small groups of Wise people will congregate into larger ones and should be combed 24-7 for both jews and non jew Leftists.
    People connected by either family or friendship to Police and/or military should not give up trying to break thru to them. ( I have to tell you in a minute something relevent to this that happened about 5 hours ago while at work involving the Police ).
    I think also once any form of solid organization has taken place , technical teams should begin to try and intercept Marxist media so it could be subverted.
  15. Karen says:
    Mossad Did 911……Koestler said, ” the human brain has developed a terrible biological flaw, such that it is now working against the survival of the human race. Something has snapped inside the brain. It is no longer a function which will lead us to a better world, but something demonic, possessed, perhaps even evil.”
  16. Smitherines says:
    How Whites Took Over America in 1500s with PC

  17. Karen says:
    Hey, this comment means nil without the previous one still in moderation.
  18. Karen says:
    You know, the quote re:Koestler
  19. Karen says:
    O. K. One more time….”The human brain has developed a terrible biological flaw, such that it is working now against the survival of the race. Something has snapped inside the brain. It is no longer necessarily a function that will lead us to a better world, but something demonis, perhaps evil.” So what’s the problem?
  20. Mossad Did 9/11 says:
    So today at work I see 2 female groids w/ thier wannabe black white girlfriend. The Wigger girl I catch opening a box of tampons while she’s headed for the bathroom ( as if she was in her own house ) she sees me & says she is going to pay for it. OK . Not my general reply but I gave her the benefit of the doubt cause I wanted a ciggarette. On the way out I tell the assistant mgr to keep an eye on her. 10 mins later there’s a cop there. ( This is very rare here. Either no response or late response ). I already figured what it was about and imediatley thanked him for the prompt response. This was a White cop about 6’6″ or so…Hue – Mungus. If he had long hair instead of a crew cut he would have been a Greek legend or some shit.
    Anyway , as I’m listening to her story ( she also had about $50 worth or merchandise that was obviously from OUR STORE. I stock the shit all day. But everything the cop was saying was favoring the thief and not the business.
    And of course me w/ my big mouth started to contest what he was saying. He was saying the store can’t prove she didn’t come into the store w/ the items. Meanwhile , she was caught red handed stealing the blood soakers.
    And when I said that she is obviously a lowlife and a drug addict , he said that that was irrelevent to the law , and that he and I might know , it doesn’t matter to the law. I said “It matters to me and it should matter to you to…and do you know who writes those laws” ?
    My mgr asked me to leave , so I did.
    I was outside while he was leaving. He saw me so I pointed at him & then me and gave me the thumbs up. He smiled & gave a thumbs up & a kind of wink & a nod. But in the store he had to say what he did.
    It didn’t occur to me for another ten minutes or so that I was seeing real Marxism in action. Right there.
    To each according to his ability & to each according to his need , right.
    These girls have no ability other than smoking crack , being sluts and acting like idiots.
    The store has her needs and the neccessary ability to provide them, and so we must
  21. bubba says:
    Oh..she’s back

    ….we missed you !

    We know you had to take the curlers out, iron clothes…cook nice dinner for hubby as a priority…etc etc. ….but glad to see you !

  22. bubba says:
    Listening to White Rabbits Horus recently…

    They will be having a new animation soon…something called “Johnny Racist”..which will be a series…another meme to spread the message…..should be good.

  23. MD911 @ 12:27 AM

    “Because in the end , if the White race does not take responsibilty then it is over…done.”

    Just about the truest thing ever said on this board.

  24. summerled says:
    racist and hate crimes let that sink in for a while what dose it mean it means of
    coarse an attack on the structure of Anglo Saxon and WASP power
    no hate crimes for the minorities that hold the power over the majority
    gobelty gook for the average retard well fuck them

    what we need is a new band of brothers, in the true white European sense
    if the few is to overcome the many we need to unite and while i admire
    Scot Roberts his nit picking is not going to help us we are not right all of the time
    but pitting white against white is not the answer and yes i hear you about russa
    putin is no hero he is a pragmatist and he will not out the jew while he is in power
    for the simple reason he would have an “accident” its a cannie mans came game
    and the jews are the most evil enemy we have ever faced we must be ruthless
    in our plans i think its time to pay back the hand we are played lets not air our laundry in public its food for the jews

  25. Continuing on with my reckoning of those with _jewish fathers without _jewish mothers. They seem to have the gentile spirit, and take part in the hopes, desires, struggles and beliefs of society. Moreover, they almost always look way better than _jews. There almost always have a better tone of skin and more pleasing facial and bodily symmetry. Their eyes look more engaged and human. Finally, they lack the singular bodily and/facial oddities present in nearly and _jew that God and nature, I honestly believe, provide as a warning and that become apparent when you look at the whole organism with a few feet out from it, and jest process it mentally as a whole; it is then that you will see it is not ‘whole’-some.
  26. Nearly every should replace nearly and, above.
  27. Kevin says:
    Every meal I miss as a result of any future food shortage from jew HAARP drought 10 jews will perish! Seriously!
  28. Kevin says:
    A jew with a boogar in his nose. What a disgusting looking twisted freak!
  29. bubba says:

    ……its a booger with a POS Kike Jew attached.

  30. Mississippi Burning Man says:
    You always hear them brag about how intelligent they are. They’re fucking dumber than a rock. They want to genocide Whites out of existence and have trained niggers to hate Whites. But the kicker is niggers see them as Whites. These dumb shitbags don’t even know what color they are and somehow think niggers will separate them out from Whites?
  31. summerled says:
    maybe nationalism starts with a song
  32. Eric says:
    Bailey,Thank you for that vid on Brendon O’Connell…
  33. The true devilish Timoshenko:


  34. $10 Bagel says:
    There are many jews out there that are considered to be “self-hating”. They didn’t get to choose who they were born as.

    But as for us aware Whites, that is besides the point. These so called “self-hating” jews have in their genes the potential to be just as dangerous and as backstabbing as all jews.

    Don’t ever ask me to TRUST a jew. Never. I’m past that point in my life.