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eeleye87 4 months ago

Ron Paul; the one politician whose ever made any decent sense.


People hated Romney because he was a shady business mogul who lied through his teeth constantly regarding public policy opinion he regularly changed to stroke the egos of whatever constituants he was trying to win the votes of. Paul has always been straightforward with his views and doesnt change to win votes.

Bill Oreilly Panics After Ron Paul Brings Up 1953 Iran Coup by US and UK.flv

Feb 24, 2011

The Bill Oreilly interviews Ron Paul, he doesn't want to see Ron to tell what the US did in the past in the middle east. Ron Paul wants to put 911 in a historical perspective, but as you might expect from FOX they are not very interested in a discussion on an intellectual level.

Look at the interviews with Robert Fisk who has been in the middle east for over twenty years, he has some very wise things to say. He has been a reporter of twelve wars in the region he has seen the tactics en dirty tricks and the major tragedies among for example the Palestinians.



There's no reason to worry about Bill O'Reilly.

The average audience member of the O'Reilly Factor, is 108 years old. And Bill himself isn't much younger.

Americans under 35 see this bullying, lying manipulative egomaniac for what he is, and actually appreciate nuance and critical inquiry.

Look at polls amongst the young: religion is dying, homophobia is dying, racism is dying, warmongering is dying, etc. These relics will soon die off, and we'll rise from their oppression.

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