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Selected Free and Low Cost Android Apps

News Android Recommended Links Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with S-pen Document editors and readers File managers Text to speech software
SSH Backup Telephony Unixification Mail   Input
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Java Python Books on Google Play Android Scripting Android History  Tips


This page was created mainly for my personal consumption, as a scratchpad for applications that I have found useful.  It mainly lists applications available from Google Play Store -- a new name of Google's Android Apps Market Place.

One of the strength of Android is "Linux affinity". Due to it there are a lot of interesting and low priced (say less then $10) applications at the Play Store.

Some of them help to break a straitjacket of iPad clone, a media consumption device that most tablets present to owner initially. 

Desktops Splashtop Remote Desktop Appstore for Android

Larry Ruckert 
This is the greatest App or Program Ever December 11, 2011

I have been working with computers since 1977. For the person who wants to remotely see and function with your home computer, this is priceless. It does everything you can do remotely, even a CTR-ALT-DEL. It's like you are sitting in front of it. It even uses any shortcut keys you have set up at home.

You can play all of the music, pictures, videos you have on your home computer remotely. I create Microsoft Office documents remotely and file or mail them anywhere. I am an old guy of 70, but when I visit your grandchildren it's great to show them anything I have on my computer at home, even movies of their 1st birthdays.

And the biggest feature is it works as an App or on any other computer you have. So when I want to do something involved I can use my laptop from anywhere I can get a WiFi signal, my family room, bathroom, car, Mickey D's or anyone you visit who has WiFi. Easy to install, but Splashtop support is unreal; it's the best I have ever had. I know I sound like I own the company, wish I did, these people know how to run a business. 

File managers

If you are a PC user Android total commander should probably be the first application you should add to the tablet.

Android total commander - Google Play

This is an indispensable application for tablet owners.

Visibility of Android filesystem with default file manager is poor. This is a way to improve it.

Etc(Value unclear)

7Zipper - Android Apps on Google Play

Can be used to compress confidential files with password.

Encryption Manager Lite

File manager for confidential data using AES encryption. Encryption Manager is a file manager, that offers a comfortable and secure way to keep files with confidential...

AndroZip File Manager

compress and decompress archives created using XZIP, RAR, TAR. GZIP, and BZIP2. 


Document readers

The strength of Android tablets is that along with serving as an expensive organizer they can double as a document reader.  So selecting right set of application of this type is the most important

Adobe Reader

As much as I hate Abobe, this is the standard application for viewing complex PDF documents as well as ebooks saved in the PDF format. It works very well on Samsung Galaxy Notes 10.1 and similarly powered tablets. Not slow at all, so take with a grain of salt Google Play reviews that state that.

The current version allows annotations and simple freehand line drawings. Press and hold to invoke annotation menu.

When you install the application it also downloads into /Root/sdcard/Download/Adober Reader folder a short manual called Getting started with Adobe Reader, which you should read.

RepliGo PDF Reader 

A lot of enthusiastic reviews... Text to speech capability.
From product description:

The best way to view, annotate, print and fill out PDF forms while on the go!

RepliGo PDF Reader enables PDF viewing, annotating, printing and form filling. Review documents on the go by adding highlights, cross outs, underlines, sticky notes, arrows, lines, ovals, rectangles, freehand drawings and text boxes. Comments are stored as standard annotations in the original PDF file, just like Adobe® Acrobat®.

RepliGo PDF Reader also makes a great eBook reader with features like reflowed text, color themes, text-to-speech and brightness settings.

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

Yet another way to add annotations for PDF documents. Text to speech capability -- important functionality for reasonable price.
From product description:

ezPDF Reader is the Best Selling, Best Rated and Most Commented Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator, and form filler. Now the basic ePub viewing is included as a new challenge.

OpenOffice Document Reader

Allow reading OpenOffice document formats.

Cool Reader   

this ebook reader can open non-DRM mobi and epub books as well as those created using fb2, doc, txt, rtf, chm, tcr. pdb, prc, and pml formats.

Google Docs

If you have been using Google Docs in your laptop, you might want to download and install this app in your tablet

Text to speech

Classic Text To Speech Engine AppBrain Android Market


Hacker's Keyboard

It's not clear to me why you should use tablet for input on a regular basis, but in emergencies when you need to connect from your tablet to the server to see what's happening having such keyboard does not hurt.  This is a good keyboard for ssh.
Google Play

A full 5-row keyboard including arrow and Esc/Ctrl keys, intended for tablets.

Are you missing the key layout you're used to from your computer? This keyboard has separate number keys, punctuation in the usual places, and arrow keys. It is based on the AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard, so it supports multitouch for the modifier keys.

This keyboard is especially useful if you use ConnectBot for SSH access. It provides working Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys, and the arrow keys are essential for devices such as the Xoom tablet or Nexus S that don't have a trackball or D-Pad.


Generally Android device backup is better handled from PC via SSH server.

rsync backup for Android



Use Skype to make free voice and video calls as well as instant messaging to anyone who is registered with Skype . All capabilities of Skype.




Console terminal, command line applications and a power-user shell prompt: ZSH!

ZShaolin installs an interactive and scriptable console terminal on your Android device. It comes with a fully featured and  usable prompt (colors, completion etc.) and several command line applications to edit and convert images, audio and video in different formats, it also enables batch processing.


Net Stat - Netstat


Much depends on what webmail client you use on PC...  Pick your poison ;-)


Gmail is an app that is difficult to have without. Not only can you have a versatile email client but with a Gmail account, you can create your own blog or website and also store and share your documents for free in the Cloud. With your Android tablet, you can check and reply to your Gmail messages with the tap of a finger anywhere that there is an Internet connection that you can use.


If you have a Hotmail email account, you can check your mails on your tablet rather that on your laptop using this app. Its developers said that this is the only official Microsoft mobile application that provides easy access to your Hotmail email messages.

Yahoo Mail

If you're using the Yahoo email services, then you need to download and install this app from the Play Store so you can do your emailing activities on your tablet. Yahoo said that with this app, you can use multiple Yahoo mail accounts, preview photos in your inbox, and compose your messages with rich text and emoticons.



Best Free Android Apps - Datamation

I spend more than a fair amount of time in SSH these days, between checking logs and working with my crontab. I've been known to monitor server performance or track down issues, while using JuiceSSH on my Android phone. I need SSH access to Debian ARM on a Pogoplug, Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu MATE and Arch (Antergos) dual-booting on my main rig. With JuiceSSH, I have simple access to all of these machines. Add in Dynamic DNS and I have SSH access from anywhere in the world. The biggest thing that sold me on JuiceSSH vs other related apps are the plugins available. An importer for my ssh_config, performance monitor for my remote servers, a port knocker, even a solid audit log.


SSH Daemon on your phone. Easy shell and file transfer. scp/sftp. Root optional.

QuickSSHd, based on dropbear sshd, allows you to easily configure and run a Secure Shell/SSH Server. Connect to your phone from your PC and execute commands or transfer files. Similar to "Terminal" or "adb shell" but over the network.

File transfer to sdcard by scp or SFTP (Secure FTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck).

Root is optional

SSHDroid - Android Apps on Google Play

Connect through SSH to your device!

SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android.
This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like "terminal" and "adb shell") or edit files (through SFTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, etc...).

Root is optional but not required to run this application.

SSH Server - Android Apps on Google Play

A Google User - October 30, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Nexus with version 2.9Just works This SSH server just works. I am especially glad it has SCP support and therefore all features I need.


A Google User - November 25, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 2.9Easy to setup Works smoothly, nice setup options without being too hard to understand and get running


A Google User - November 7, 2012 - Motorola Droid RAZR with version 2.9Does what it says I haven't used it to do anything except connect but it does that well. It seems to use a lot of power if I leave it on at night but that's my fault

DropBear SSH Server II - Android Apps on Google Play

Cameron Hurst - December 13, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.5.2Excellent program Program works as advertised. Saved my phone from horrible bug with sgs3 transferring files to linux. Just ensure busybox is installed before you install app or will need to reinstall.

DigiSSHD - SSH Server - Android Apps on Google Play by Alexey Aksenov

Secure Shell server with fine grained sessions control and battery saving design

This provides an ad-free environment with session activity monitor, user login history, access control lists, multiple-user support, and more.

DigiControl is required to supervise the DigiSSHD component.

Using encryption and security protocols, DigiSSHD delivers all of the server-side functionality you need to give authorized users protected access to your device files and other data, including:
- Security Shell: remote shell service or command execution

Text Editors

DroidEdit Pro (code editor) 

Html Editors

WebMaster's HTML Editor

CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML editor with syntax highlighting and code completion.
Have a handy source code editor in your pocket! WebMaster's HTML Editor Lite - HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS editor for web developers

Syntax highlighting and code completion for HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Editor supports undo/redo feature, built-in virtual keys for tags and popular keyphrases. Dark and light color schemes available. The program has built-in Help for HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Android Web Editor PRO

A Google User - January 17, 2012 - Version 0.11055Pretty good but needs work The application feels like it's lacking with some key features such as default directory support, creating a directory in ftp, and hosting files through another server when running it. Overall, the application is pretty good though, and would just require some minor tweaks to make it even better.

Web Servers

kWS - Android Web Server

kWS is a lightweight and fast Web Server especially designed for android mobile devices. It can be used to host websites and to serve files over HTTP. kWS implements HTTP-1.0. Features: - Basic & digest authentication for secure access - Server side includes (SSI) - Directory index - Directory downloads in tar, tgz & zip formats - Resumable file downloads - Built-in Dynamic DNS updates

A Google User - July 26, 2012 - Version 1.3.3

one of my favorites. I use this app constantly. Have a number of web pages that I've mirrored, and this allows me to put them on the sd card and use them offline. Truly awesome!

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Old News ;-)

[Apr 12, 2014] Recommended Android Apps

In no particular order...

[Nov 10, 2013] Microsoft Word Files on an Android Tablet By J. D. BIERSDORFER >

October 25, 2013 | NYT

Q. I don't have a subscription to the Office 365 site, so what's the easiest way to read and edit Microsoft Word documents on an Android tablet?

A. The Google Play store has several apps for working with Microsoft Word files. When shopping for an app, check the feature list carefully, as some free programs allow you only to view files on your Android device, not edit them.

Apps that offer document editing include the $15 full versions of Documents To Go or OfficeSuite Pro 7, the free Kingsoft Office or the free Olive Office Premium. Features and user reviews vary by app, so study up before downloading to make sure you get everything you want.

Quickoffice, another popular app for working with Word files, was recently withdrawn from the Google Play store, but for a reason. Last year, Google bought the company behind the software, and last month it made Quickoffice free for Android and iOS users. The new Quickoffice app requires a free Google account and stores files online with Google Drive. The new version does not support online syncing and storage to other services like Dropbox, as previous versions did.

[Oct 23, 2013] How to Read QR Codes With a Smartphone

Nowadays, you can find QR (quick-response) codes on everything. These odd-looking, black-and-white, pixelated designs were originally used by the automotive industry, but today they are most often found in magazines, newspapers, and ads.

QR codes offer an efficient way to create links to websites, but they can also store text, phone numbers, email addresses, or calendar events, or send SMS messages. Here are some tips on how to use a QR app to access the data you want.

First, you need a QR-code app and a smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera. iOS users should check out RedLaser. Android fans can try either RedLaser or QR Droid, and BlackBerry users will like QR Code Scanner Pro. All of these apps are free to download, and each one should handle any standard QR code just fine.

When you launch your app of choice, you'll see that your phone's camera is activated, with an on-screen framing guide. Line up the camera on your device with the QR code you want to scan, and hold the device steady until the app can read the code in front of it.

[Oct 23, 2013] Scan - QR Code Barcode Reader

Scan is simple QR code and barcode scanning the way it should be. Open the app, point the camera at the code and you're done! No need to take a photo or press a "scan" button like other apps.

When scanning a QR Code, if the code contains a website URL, you'll automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you'll immediately see it. For other formats such as phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info, you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.**

Scan now reads regular barcodes-UPC, EAN, and ISBN-and gathers information about the products you scan, allowing you to research and find places to purchase the products you love.

Additional Features:
- History logs and displays of all of your past scans in a list or on a map
- Customize how Scan works in Settings
- Login to your account to sync your scan history across web, Android, and iOS
- Touch-focus camera (requires autofocus)
- Forward-facing light for low-light scanning (requires flash)

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

RedLaser Barcode and QR Scanner - Shop Smarter

Rated as a top shopping app by US Today, The New York Times, CNN Money, PC Magazine and Smart Money magazine, RedLaser helps millions of shoppers shop smarter every day - and it can help you too!

RedLaser searches millions of products across thousands of online and local retailers to find the best prices

Find deals and coupons from hundreds of stores both online and near you (US Only)

RedLaser makes it easy, fast, and secure to buy from select retailers

Find alternatives and accessories for the product you just viewed

Scan & store your loyalty cards and even share cards with family and friends


[Oct 23, 2013] 10 great Android apps you should be using, but aren't

None of those application even close to being great ;-). AutomateIt might have some promise, though


Your smartphone is pretty smart, but apps like AutomateIt can make it even smarter.

The app lets you automate actions on your phone, so that whenever certain criteria are met, the action is triggered.

You can use AutomateIt for a variety of tasks, including sending a reply with your phone's location whenever a person texts you asking where you are. Or you can use it to turn Wi-Fi on and off under certain conditions to save battery life. You can even have AutomateIt switch your phone to vibrate mode whenever a meeting saved on your calendar starts.

If all of these settings seem a little too utilitarian, and just not fun enough, consider this: You also can use AutomateIt to play audio that says "Don't Touch Me!" whenever anyone comes too close to the proximity sensor on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (16GB, White)

An interesting list from some applications junkee Samsumg Galaxy Note 8 review...

7. loaded a bunch of other apps to make it "complete". some of these really should be generic and native to android.
some of my favorite apps include...
- accuweather
- adobe air & reader
- amazon kindle
- audible
- bbc news
- bloomberg
- camcorder
- compass
- xe currency
- dropbox
- google earth
- yahoo finance
- firefox
- flightaware
- gasbuddy
- gmail
- google sky map
- kitchen timer
- google maps
- merriam webster
- netflix (it works!)
- npr news
- ny times
- wall st journal
- orbitz
- overdrive media console
- peel smart remote
- realplayer
- roku
- scan
- scribd
- seatguru
- skype
- smart voice recorder
- soundcloud
- stopwatch
- translate
- vidcon
- waze
- youtube

10 cool things you didn't know your Android could do by Kris Carlon


Access Chrome tabs from other devices

If you're using Chrome as your default browser – and let's be honest: who isn't? – were you aware that you can access the Chrome tabs from your other devices on your phone or tablet?

As long as you're logged into Chrome, when you launch a new tab you'll see the Recent tabs option at the bottom right. Tap this to see the urls that are open on your other logged-in devices and quickly access any of them.

Document scanner

In the early days of digitizing documents and photographs, you had to invest in a large flatbed scanner to make the physical digital. Nowadays you can use your smartphone camera as a makeshift scanner. Although the quality isn't quite as good, the process is a lot more convenient.
CamScanner is one of the best document scanners. / © ANDROIDPIT
CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator Install on Google Play
If you want to use your phone in this way there are a number of options. You can just snap a document and save it as an image, while Google Drive can convert scans into PDF files and read the text within them, as can the excellent CamScanner and Evernote.

If found, return to:

This is another great tip for anyone with a tendency to misplace their things or for those with the bad habit of leaving your phone on the restaurant table while they dash off to the bathroom. If your phone gets lost and you suspect it has been picked up by someone, you can put a message on the lock screen telling the finder of your phone how to get in contact with you.

Remote lock or wipe your lost phone

There's not much worse than losing your phone, apart from losing your phone and knowing that someone might have access to your data. It's not only depressing, it's downright dangerous. Did you know that Google has an awesome feature called Android Device Manager that lets you track and take control of your phone if you ever lose it?

ADM goes beyond just tracking your phone though: you can use it to ring your phone, remotely lock it or even factory reset it if you know you're never getting it back. Just enable Android Device Manager in Settings > Security > Device Administrators and access the site on your computer if you ever lose your phone.

[Dec 09, 2015] 16 Must Have Android Apps By Matt Hartley

Nov 05, 2015 | Datamation

Mr. Number
There is little in life that's more annoying than having your smart phone ring during dinner. Even worse than that, is discovering the call is coming from a phone solicitor. This is where Mr. Number saves the day. You can use Mr. Number to block problem incoming numbers. Best of all, you'll have the ability to either send the caller directly to voicemail or just block them completely.

I've tried to use the default Android keyboard. It's "okay," however I need something that will help catch my written mistakes. While not perfect, I've found that SwiftKey is pretty close. If you allow it to learn from your phone's history, it's surprisingly accurate in its suggestions and auto-corrections. Install, choose the keyboard skin you want and you're all set. The only downside is that I lack this on my desktop PC.

I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Tasker. I love it as it allows me to automate various aspects of my phone's interaction with the real world. But I hate it because I keep finding new uses for it. From using location services to make your phone turn off certain services to sending SMS messages when you get to work – this app does it all! I should point out that this is not an easy app to use out of the box. You will need to spend some time working with it to fully get the hang of it.

Elixir 2
If there is one application you install, it needs to be Elixir 2. It's designed to help the masses understand some of the mysterious stuff running in the background of their Android devices. This app is also awesome for hardware troubleshooting. Proximity sensor or software issues bugging you? Elixir 2 will allow you to verify that your Android phone's sensors are all acting correctly. I have found that its report generator is an invaluable tool for determining device health, component temperature and if everything is firing on all cylinders.
PIA (Private Internet Access)
If you find yourself using untrusted wifi on occasion, then you're going to want to make sure you're using the PIA VPN app for Android. It's dead simple to use, simply enter in your account information once and connect. The VPN software will ensure you're connecting to the fastest VPN server and your getting solid throughput performance. There are other VPN solutions out there for Android, however none of them match both the speed and performance found with PIA.

It's been said that 2015 is the year that "the Internet of things" becomes a common buzzword with smart devices working together to make life around your home easier. Recently I've been testing out a smart device hub called SmartThings. It comes with a smart hub that I connected to my router, then I added smart sensors to expand the "network" of smart devices. The key to controlling these items comes from their SmartThings Android app. It allows me to monitor sensors being triggered and even turn devices on or off. What I love about this app is that it offers me the ability to receive alerts as push notifications and SMS alerts. Bundle their alerts with the ability to make real-time changes to aspects of my home from anywhere and it's easy to see why SmartThings is such a popular concept.

[Dec 09, 2015] Best Free Android Apps By Matt Hartley

Dec 07, 2015 | Datamation

Fing – Having a clear, real-time list of the devices attached to my home network is a huge time saver. Fing provides this for me without any extra effort. It even provides me with the assigned IP addresses, device manufacturer name and hostname for each appliance. Fing goes further by providing me with ping, traceroute and DNS lookup options. And as an added benefit, I can even execute WAL (Wake on LAN) for any computers setup to receive the "magic packet."

BaconReader – Reddit is a guilty pleasure of mine. But rather than bother to load up Reddit in Chrome, I prefer to use BaconReader. Its UI is intuitive, simple to use and runs very smoothly. I also like that I can share comments or a direct link to a Reddit post with minimal screen presses.

JuiceSSH –I spend more than a fair amount of time in SSH these days, between checking logs and working with my crontab. I've been known to monitor server performance or track down issues, while using JuiceSSH on my Android phone. I need SSH access to Debian ARM on a Pogoplug, Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu MATE and Arch (Antergos) dual-booting on my main rig. With JuiceSSH, I have simple access to all of these machines. Add in Dynamic DNS and I have SSH access from anywhere in the world. The biggest thing that sold me on JuiceSSH vs other related apps are the plugins available. An importer for my ssh_config, performance monitor for my remote servers, a port knocker, even a solid audit log.

... ... ...

[Apr 19, 2015] Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input allows you to handwrite text on your phone or tablet in 82 languages. It supports printed and cursive writing, with or without a stylus. Google Handwriting Input also supports hundreds of emojis, so you can express yourself in any Android app.

Key features:
• A useful complement to touchscreen typing or voice input
• A fun way to enter emojis by drawing
• Useful for languages that can be challenging to type on a standard keyboard
• Works across your Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 and up
• If you claim your handwriting is terrible, try it out and see if it can convince you otherwise



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