The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance also prohibits physicians with a contractual relationship with a health plan from balance billing HMO members and extends the ban on balance billing to out-of-network providers who treat HMO members based on a referral from a participating provider or the HMO itself.13 After receiving a number of complaints concerning an Aetna policy that purported that payments received by out-of-network providers be considered as payment in full, the Department of Banking and Insurance ordered HMOs to "pay the non-participating provider a benefit large enough to insure that the non-participating provider does not balance bill the member for the difference between his billed charges and the . . . payment, even if it means that [the HMO] must pay the provider's billed charges less the member's network copayment, coinsurance or deductible."14 Here too, HMO patients are completely insulated from financial responsibility, excepting any applicable copayments and deductibles.