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Russiagate Color Revolution Bulletin, 2013

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[Dec 29, 2013] Take a pity toward retarded Maidan participants by Irina Ukraine

Slightly edited Google translation. The interesting point is that Yanukovich association agreement with EU might be a bluff from the very beginning. So Yanukovich got into self-prepared trap. Another worthwhile observation is that the West is playing the "disaster capitalism" game in Ukraine?
Dec 20, 2013 |

Everyone runs his own movie on EvroMaidan, but its time to stop it. Time is over! Please understand that there was never any real desire to sign documents about " EU association status" -- You was brutally deceived, or by your own folly engaged in wishful thinking !

Your diagnose can be vary among the following options: Thoughtlessness, hypoplasia , inability to think deeply and thoroughly, failure to properly understand anything ; stupid brainless stupidity , simple stupidity , idiocy , cretinism, mental retardation , mental retardation, etc.

Our dear mentally retarded (as in "Dobkin realized that rally on Independence is staffed with mentally retarded "), performing the role of extras -- Nobody was waiting you in Europe now, and probably in the near and distant future too. And here's why.

The agreements signed by Putin and Yanukovych really surprised many observers, with some entering the state of a strong bewilderment. But it is only at first glance.

Political Science Mikhail Alexandrov ( Head of the Department of Baltic Institute of CIS countries ) , analyzing the recent agreements presidents of Russia and Ukraine,: is too difficult to explain the actions of the Russian leadership at Russia's expense desire to maintain the integrity of Ukraine.

The view that the Russian leadership was so naive that succumb to Ukrainian racket and rushed to help Ukraine to prevent the overthrow of Yanukovich does not look too convincing. Same about possibility of a coup by powerful pro-Western circles, which supposedly are ready to sign an association agreement with the European Union on any conditions.

Such an agreement would not have saved the Ukrainian economy from collapse, but instead would accelerate it. The West is now simply has no money to save Ukraine. They can' even safe their full EU member states. And the Kremlin is well aware .

The truth is that from the very beginning there was no real interest of the Ukrainian authorities in the agreement. The idea was different: it was playing the EU against Russia. Plan. I must say quite well known, polished trick , and which was used repeatedly in the past.

That is why the Association Agreement was prepared with Kiev not looking into any details, and not even bothering to translate it into Ukrainian or Russian language, which means that key players never read it and, especially, delve into the meaning for Ukraine of the pretty humiliating requirements of the agreement. It is because it was simply as an instrument of pressure on Russia and the Ukrainian side from the very beginning did not intend to sign it. And in this case - what's the difference what is written there ?

The same was true for the European Union . That is why just before the Vilnius summit IMF toughens conditions of the new loans to Ukraine (required to raise tariffs for gas and electricity for the population). Existing tariffs are already almost unbearable for Ukrainians with their low salaries and and hence represent clearly unacceptable conditions.

That is why, when the idiots from Maidan, so successfully make a dirty camp of the central square of of the capital of Ukraine, and started to want to Europe way too much, the condition of release of release of Tymoshenko about which they actually dreamed three years, resurfaced .

But the release of the Iron lady with the scythe is extremely undesirable to the current leaders of Ukrainian " ass-position", because as soon as Tymoshenko became free that first thing she does is to sent those nice guys packing. Because they are not in the same league with clever, ruthless and cunning Tymoshenko.

Nobody really wanted the civil war and the collapse of Ukraine, nether the government not the opposition. Simply when neither Moscow nor Brussels flinch, Kiev has decided to raise the level of tension to a new level -- to imitate the political crisis in Ukraine to get loans. With unpredictable consequences . Ukrainian oligarchs, and Western NGO which support the opposition were happy to help.

The theatric of this staged event is just conspicuous. Both sides restrained from moving their extras over a certain limit. Looks like they acted if not in coordination, but at least within a certain agreed plan .

Militants of SBU agent Dmitry Korchinskiy did stage a nice fight with the " Berkut ". Also "Berkut" kicked asses of some protesters, but whom exactly is unclear, as it was night . But in the media began such hysterics as if Russian tanks entered the Baltic.

NATO Secretary General began to seriously ask what steps should the alliance take, if Russia were to move troops to Ukraine and in Sevastopol some deputies demanded Russian troops , although they were already there.

Funny, but President Yanukovych in the midst of crisis flew to China to ask for money . But because China is far and events on Maidan excite China very little, the Chinese comrades did not give loans to Ukraine .

The question is, did the Kremlin understand the meaning of all this freak show on Independence Square ? Certainly it understood . But it decided to help Ukraine anyway. And in a very nice way -- that the Ukrainian side has not incurred any counter -- commitments for the development of integration with the Customs Union . Well, except , perhaps, the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait .

It looks like Putin agreed to concessions to Ukraine for geopolitical reasons. The collapse of the Ukrainian state for Russia can hurt Russian economy, and that's why Ukraine was allowed for some time to stay afloat.

What were exact considerations, we can only guess . But Russian President probably has has pretty full information, including intelligence, about how grade the economic situation in Ukraine became. Most likely, Putin is aware that in the near future in the West expected some serious events such as default. And the West is trying to divert attention and resources of Russia in the other direction , to bind Russia with the collapse of Ukrainian economics.

It's only Yanukovich and his entourage think they play their own game. In reality they are just pains in a wider global game. That's why Western emissaries are so actively involved in the events on Independence Square trying to convert them into full fledged color revolution. But they might be so active for a different reason that the intense desire to force Ukraine to sign the treaty of association with the European Union on the conditions previously specified.

Indeed, if the Ukraine split as the result of this signing and the Civil War started, then most probably Russia would have to get involved in the conflict , including by military means. And that effectively ended Russia abilities to to influence events in other parts of the world, and in general at the global level, for example, at the level of global finance for a long time.

... ... ...

[Dec 27, 2013] As the EU recedes in Ukraine's Rearview Mirror, It Discovers It Has Forgotten How to Lose

December 27, 2013 | The Kremlin Stooge


This is a follow-up to the story of the 36 foreign colour revolutionaries (including Misha Saakashvili) who were either expelled from Ukraine or denied entry visas a few days ago.

Party of Regions deputy Oleg Tsarev recounts how he helped identify, not just these 36, but as many as 240 foreign agents on Ukrainian soil, who were there to bust up Ukraine and foment revolution.

Tsarev's point of view: Ukraine came within a hair of falling prey to the "Yugoslav scenario", and it was no accident that Marko Ivković was there (and expelled), he is one of the founders of Otpor who overthrew Milošević.

According to Tsarev, the colour revolutionaries attempted to adapt the exact same scenario which they had previously employed in Yugoslavia, almost down to the smallest details. For example, in their "National Council" on the Maidan ("Narodnoe veche"), they attempted to elect (by acclamation of the mob) a "technical government" which would serve as the transitional government. According to the Yugoslav scenario, this technical government would make an appeal to the municipal authorities, the police, army, etc. It would be recognized by foreign governments as the legitimate government of Ukraine. These same governments would put pressure on Yanukovych to resign in favor of the "transitional government". Eventually Ukraine would be broken up into several states, just like Yugoslavia.

However, what worked for Yugoslavia didn't work (or at least hasn't worked yet) for Ukraine.

yalensis: Maybe the difference is that NATO can't bomb Ukraine into submission?


I think the difference is that the municipal authorities, the police, the army and over 70% of the people would not join the mob government. You need, using atmospheric physics language, an unstable background state for the instability to grow. Milosevic's regime was authoritarian.

Yanukovych got elected fair and square in 2010. In spite of all the issues Ukraine has, the vast majority to not see any benefit from a revolution. Especially one that is clearly a NATO Trojan horse.

[Dec 16, 2013] Kiev Protests: Another CIA-Coordinated Color Revolution In Progress by Michael Thomas

Empire strikes back. The number of NGO in Ukraine suggests that Yanukovich even with his ability to betray everybody including his own electorate multiple times.
December 13, 2013 |

Who could argue that the moves and maneuvers taking place on the Ukraine geo-political chessboard are as surreal as they get?

The events occurring in Kiev are so transparent as to motive and purpose that one wonders if the CIA has all but abandoned their cloak and dagger MO of the past … in favor of living color revolutions taking place in real time. CNN must be jumping for joy at the prospects of improving their ratings plummet. They get to advertise and propagandize yet another CIA-conceived, coordinated, and controlled-from-the-top COLOR Revolution.

Can the reader imagine high level representatives from other countries, showing up in the midst of the most tense political standoffs in Washington DC, offering every kind of support to those Americans protesting against the US Federal Government? That's exactly what US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland is doing in the Ukraine at this very moment.

Were any other nation to meddle in US internal affairs, they would become an immediate target of terrifying Yankee gunboat diplomacy. The individuals involved would be promptly placed on the TSA No-Fly List list for the rest of their incarnation. That is, of course, if they even made it out of the US alive.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

What is particularly surprising about the current color revolution unfolding in the Ukraine is that this nation was the site of the very same CIA implementation plan back in 2004/2005. The Orange Revolution, as it was known at the time, was a classic CIA-engineered plot to impose their political outcome on the Ukrainian people. And they succeeded with flying colors.

That CIA-sponsored coup d'etat was so successful that it has since been used as a model for every other CIA-manufactured scheme that has toppled governments and reversed fair election outcomes the world over. In fact, the Ukraine is where the various social network utilities were used so effectively that the new MO has become known as the digital blitzkrieg. Never in human history have so many citizens been stampeded in the direction of overthrowing their government while being completely ignorant of the real forces manipulating the cattle prods.

Many commentators have wondered how the current protests have been so successful in light of their leaders previous experience with EU-US meddling in their domestic affairs. It was so obvious during the Orange Revolution 1.0 that the Western powers wanted to annul one election only to subsequently secure the victory of their chosen representative, Viktor Yushchenko. Can the Ukrainian people still be that unaware of the outright interference by foreign powers in their electoral process? Or, to overturn the recent presidential decision to postpone the signing of the EU deal.

Amassing a few hundred thousand people on the Capital square has become the weapon of choice for the CIA.

Ironically, if a few thousand angry protestors ever tried to congregate around the US Capitol building, they would be swiftly herded into fenced-in holding pens out of earshot of the closest Congressman. They would then be arrested, fingerprinted and ferried as far away from the scene of the crime as possible . . . never to fly again.

US-EU-NATO Juggernaut rolls into any town, any time it wants to

What is especially striking about the blatant intervention by the EU et al. in Kiev is their carelessness. The various 'diplomats' and leaders who are meddling seem not to care a whit about their extraordinarily aggressive and unrelenting intrusions. They just proceed to act with complete impunity. Then, the host nation - the Ukraine - permits them every opportunity to meddle without consequence. Every proxy is given an apparently free hand to execute their agenda unimpeded on behalf of the IMF & Company.

As a matter of fact, the Ukraine government response has been so dysfunctional and inappropriate that one wonders if the current Administration has been unwittingly co-opted by the same CIA subterfuge. It's as though the President, Prime Minister and Parliament have been wired in such a way as to be perfectly reactive to the many strategically placed CIA cattle prods. Likewise, who has ever seen a body politic herded so easily as those who have shown up in the city square working for foreign interests which operate against their own national interests?!

The European Union has been nothing but a slow sinking Titanic.

This is precisely why the protests have been so fast in the making and fierce in their effect. With the southern flank of the EU (PIIGS) in such disarray, and the main economic engines of Germany and France ready to blow a gasket, the EU leadership is downright desperate. The Ukraine represents their last hope to prevent the final submersion of the Eurozone ship.

The Ukrainian people don't even know that they are being corralled onto a ship in order to save a Titanic that has already hit an iceberg. Why would any nation at this point join the European Union in view of its gross mismanagement, trampling of national sovereignty, and frightful financial condition? The EU is clearly a quasi fascist/communist political construct designed to thoroughly disempower the citizenry of each participating nation. In this way it can be used as a very large and monolithic political, military and economic bloc to carry out the wishes of those who ultimately oversee the Eurozone.

The EU has become such an economic drain on the rest of the world, especially the US Federal Reserve, that its current and future indebtedness and unfunded liabilities are simply untenable. Hence, the Ukraine is looked to as a temporary savior because of its many large and robust markets, well established industrial base and transportation links to Asia, as well as it vast natural resources and raw materials.

Coup d'état by way of consensus, especially within US, EU, NATO leadership

Now you know why Western leaders, near and far, have snapped into action at the failure of the Ukraine to sign the landmark deal at the EU Summit. Also, why every CIA black op is being implemented and surrogate mobilized to reverse the President's decision. In reality, the very existence of the EU depends on Ukrainian wealth because of its critical need to feeds its predatory version of corrupt, crony, corporate capitalism*.

What reigns supreme across the global landscape is the terror "ism" known as naked, predatory capitalism. It utilizes faux democracy and bogus 'rights' and globalization (aka resource theft) as its main mantras. The ability of its promoters to take down a nation using other tools like economic terrorism, currency manipulation, financial sabotage, and corporate espionage is now the most feared force on the planet among those victimized by such criminal conduct.

Truly, a slick and sophisticated form of New Age colonialism has been advanced with awesome speed and success throughout this New Millennium. With the penetration of the internet into every national nook and cranny, revolutions and civil wars can now be twittered and facebooked from the CIA offices at Langley. Even YouTube and Instagram have gotten into the 'picture'.

As more of the world population becomes digitally connected, greater numbers of unsuspecting souls fall prey to every MSM fabrication that originates in the bowels of the CIA Directorate of Operations (now known as National Clandestine Service). The end result just may be a Color Revolution coming to a theatre near you … in a format, mind you, that is much more than the traditional living color!

*The authors have no problem with genuine free market capitalism that respects the sovereignty of each and every nation; however, that is not the predominant form operating worldwide today.

Reprinted with permission from author.

[Dec 07, 2013] Euro integration became just a background for the struggle for power for between politicians

To unblock the situation Ukraine needs not foreign intermediaries , and the willingness of the opposition to negotiate and cooperate constructively with the current government . Kiev correspondent of "Izvestia" Yanina Sokolovska take interview of the leader of the People's Party , the head of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense, Volodymyr Lytvyn . It was he who, in 2004, being the head of the Verkhovna Rada, played the role of arbitrator between "first Maidan" and the government. For this, as well as outstanding personal service to the country in the development of state-building , he received the highest award - the star of the Hero of Ukraine .

Q: In Kiev on witnessing the radicalization of the protest movement . Capture administrative buildings , hard skirmishes with the law-enforcement authorities . It is turns more and more into civil war, into fighting. How to stop further escalation of violence?

A: Organizers of Maidan need to read serious books on psychology. It says that any crowd every day becoming more radical. And to those who claim to be leaders, could lead, they need to be more radical it. Otherwise the masses will replace them with new leaders.

Radicalization is occurring today. Everyone should feel the responsibility, the demands should be reasonable and should correspond to the legal realities of Ukraine. Revolution might not write off everything .

Q: You have experience in overcoming confrontaion of the government and its opponents during the "Orange Revolution ." In fact, you become a reconciler of the warring parties . Is this experience applicable now?

A: The Ukrainian politicians, both pro-government and opposition should have the feeling of thier of resposibility and tact to find an acceptable solution in the interests of the country, without involving intermediaries abroad. There are too many forigh parties who are willing to participate in defusing the conflict. If we go for it, we became not a subect of international law, we will not be considered to be a nation any longer.

Q: Ukrainian politicians, especially the opposition , saying that the current Maidan was provoked by Russia

A: It is wrong to question itself. Russia has its own policy and their vision of the world order. You can can deny that fact or fail to understand this fact, but you can't change this. Now Russia is just watching what is happening in Ukraine. Her concerns are quite understandable because any Ukrainian instability is not good for either Russia or Europe.

Q: Postponement of Ukrainian European integration - is a long time? In Kiev say - six months in the EU - 2015.

A: There is nothing more lasting than temporary solutions . I think the current government at last realized that the this choice is a very serious matter indeed. It should be done only with taking into account all existing factors. But only now people started to analyze possible consequences and consider the warnings voiced earlier, but which were ignored and not taken into account.

We do not stop relations with the EU and its constituent countries. It would be unwise. But when they say that half of Ukrainians want to join EU, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the second part of the society . We can't evacuate them from the country.

Ukraine is very well tailored, but poorly sewn . Our people have way different geopolitical sympathies, and political preferences and that should be taken into account . Take for example the question of morality. EU offers us a more "relaxed" approach than we used to. This factor may not be paramount , but is very significant - we are required to make a choice of civilization. And, in fact, to abandon the whole layer of history and traditions.

Q: But there is a chance that the result would be Ukraine between two fires - will not get neither the Customs Union, or the European Union?

A: There is very happiness when you are sandwiched between two powerful partners, between two geopolitical entities. It's a matter of fine diplomacy and balanced policy - what to do to avoid being crushed.

We proclaimed neutral status and have found ourselves between NATO and the CSTO. We need to ensure our safety . Budapest Memorandum gave Ukraine political security guarantees for the renunciation of nuclear weapons, but it is a fiction. It does not have a legally binding character. Responsibility for the sovereign Ukraine was the politicians in the background at the signing of this document.

Q: Euro-Maidan is not like the Maidan 2004 . It is not peaceful, protesters fights with the police , participants and journalists were in turn beaten by special forces . This is the first time in Ukraine . And where is the vaunted Ukrainian tolerance?

A: Politicians who call themselves inspirators and organizers of the action, they lose control. We need a normal open political dialogue about the responsibility of government and the opposition for the country and for the safety of people.

All of us - the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada should categorically condemn the practice of beating people and consider the report of the General Prosecutor's Office on this matter. A new generation which came to Maidan does not have a sense of fear that has grown up in an independent country . In place of the color revolutions come network revolutions, without distinct leaders. Through information technology the process of orgnizing large masses of protesters can be launched, and the youth who constitute the majority , has immanent to it radicalism, which often leads to excesses .

Q: In Kiev poeple talk that three former Ukrainian president - Kravchuk , Kuchma and Yushchenko - made ​​the statement actually supported Euro-Maidan...

A: I have carefully read this statement . I did not find in thier statement the direct support of Maidan . They were outraged that the force used on the protesters was disproportionate . Now, every politician is obliged to say that he is on the side of the people.

Q: Opposition finally formulated demands of the protesters. European integration in them was the last paragraph . A Euro Maidan supposly was organized exactly for the support of Eurointegration. Why is this aspiration moved to the shadow?

A: European integration - it's like a trigger that opens the floodgates to the general discontent . Part of the protest was the reaction to the destruction of small and medium-sized businesses . However, European integration itself does not solve our problems. Although politicians say that tomorrow will be better, no one tells people that they it will be very hard first, until the country will be reconstructed on a new track.

What happens now is a struggle for political power. Politicians use this moment to force early elections and are trying to grab a the biggest piece of power for themselves. Opposition classically and traditionally accuse the current government in all ills and try to get into power themselves.

Q: During Maidan Ukrainian president is often abroad. For example, he did not abolish long visit to China.

A: This can be considered as a demonstration of confidence and strength. If the president sat in his office, refused to visit, they would have: was scared. In any case, his decition would be a cause for criticism .

Parliament now - is in reality a materialized indifference despite the fake forefront of false activity and demonstrative indignation. Parliament does not react even when I say that we are going to armed coup d'etat scenario . There are no legal grounds for early elections. Opposition can offer only the path tried by Yulia Tymoshenko, who did this trick in the 2007. At that time she made all the members of her party to resign, to zero the party list in Parliament, move tot he streets and make the Parliament dysfunctional . Now on the meetings, which seem to have been for Tymoshenko, she is the person about which nobody speaks anymore. Her fate and European integration faded into background on which politicians try to hijack as much power as possible whatever means possible.

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