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Linux Installation Checklist

Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov

(version 4.0,  Created May 18, 2007; Last modified Apr 17, 2011)

News Installation from ISO Image      

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  1. Before You Begin
  2. Configure RAID
  3. Partition the Harddrives
  4. Boot from Suse Installation DVD or Other Medium
  5. Partition the Harddrives
  6. Select set of packages to be installed
  7. Configure root and Perform network configuration
  8. Reboot the system and perform post-install configuration
  9. Harden the server

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Old News ;-)

[Dec 17, 2009] Unless you want to have /usr as read-only partition, in Suse it is not needed (nor makes much sense) to create separate partitions for /usr and /opt. They can be merged with root partition. Total size should be around 8G.

They can be merges with root partition. That makes usage of disk space more efficient. That means that you need just six partitions

  1. /boot
  2. swap
  3. root
  4. /var
  5. /home
  6. /tmp .

[Dec 2, 2009] Use noatime mounting option for root partition.

[Dec 2, 2009] Enabling AT daemon added

[Oct 29, 2008] Oracle requirements are added

Before You Begin

Before you start installation verify the following:

  1. You have reliable installation disk

  2. You have a registration number from the vendor

  3. Remote control card (DRAC, ILO) is configured and you can access it from your PC.

  4. You are using correct version compatible with the hardware (check hardware compatibility list, don't rely of trial and error).

  5. Server static IP addresses are allocated and entered into DNS.

  6. Network masks and gateway information that you have are correct.

Note: In case you install version not supported in hardware compatibility list you risk that you support call will be rejected in the most inopportume moment. Again this is typical for HP blades which are very capricious.


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