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RHEL vs. Oracle Linux pricing

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Oracle is cheaper and "Basic" license is per system, not per two sockets, like Standard license for RHEL.


Source: CDW prices

  1 year 3 year
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Self-support (up to 1 guest) $349/socket-pair $995/socket-pair
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Standard (up to 1 guest) $799/socket-pair $2,277/socket-pair
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Premium (up to 1 guest) $1,299/socket-pair $3,702/socket-pair
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Standard (up to 4 guests) $1,199/socket-pair $3,417/socket-pair
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Premium (up to 4 guests) $1,949/socket-pair $5,555/socket-pair
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Standard (unlimited guests) $1,999/socket-pair $5,697/socket-pair
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Premium (unlimited guests) $3,249/socket-pair $9,260/socket-pair

Oracle Linux

Source: Oracle Linux Support and Oracle VM Support Global Price List (PDF)

  One year Three years Licensing metric
Oracle Linux Network 119.00 357.00 Up to two physical CPUs
Oracle Linux Basic Limited 499.00 1,497.00 Up to two physical CPUs
Oracle Linux Basic 1.199.00 3,597.00 System, unlimited sockets
Oracle Linux Premier Limited 1.399.00 4,197.00 2 sockets
Oracle Linux Premier 2.299.00 6,897.00 System, unlimited sockets

Oracle Linux support services are provided at the support level and for the term defined in your order. When ordering Oracle Linux support services you must comply with the following availability rules:

Extended Support is available for Oracle Linux at the following uplift rates:

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