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Figure skating

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Если быть точным, то Линничук и Карпоносов из 70-х.В 1981 закончили. Самыми лучшими в памяти, в те же времена, были Моисеева и Минненков. Непревзойденная по красоте и человеческой стати пара. Исполняющая всегда на сложную музыку, до которой надо было расти. А в 80-ые уже рулили Бестемьянова и Букин.

Best of Ice and Fire

[Oct 24, 2010] Ice and Fire show.

[Oct 17, 2010] Ice & Fire

Best of Ice Age

Gordeeva Beroev Tatiana Navka & Marat Basharov Navka Kolganov Navka Beroev Berezhnaya Galustyan Lobacheva
Drobyazko Dyachenko Drobyazko Miller Kovalchuk & Kostomarov Ingeborga Dapkupaite & Alexandr Zhulin Arntgolts Staviski Grebentchikova Tikhonov
Semenovich Makarov Semenovich Kolganov Alferova Tchernyshov

This was very high risk, really extreme show. Tremendous physical load on non-professionals, especially men. Great danger for both unprofessional woman and professional woman skaters due to absurd and capricious Tatyana Tarasova desire to see complex elements. Tarasova really looks like an evil genius here.

Should be called nor Ice age, but Ice Gladiators. I think that this is somewhat reckless show, that exploit movie and theater stars desire for broader audience. Girls are in real danger to get serious trauma during such "fast-track" preparation of programs (one week each). Unprofessional man also are in danger as the physical load is simply excessive.

Ice Age-3 2009-12-26, victory ceremony

Gordeeva Beroev

Navka Basharov

Lanstaya Yagutin

Arntgolts Staviski

Berezhnaya Galustyan

is this supposed to be a kind of parody on Navka Kostomarov dance?

Not really althouth like for any great skating composition there is several lines of how you can see it. I see your point and I suppose you can view it this way as a parody on supercharged emotions of Navka Kostomarov dance..

But the original design was to create a parody on relations of steely ice staking female trainer (supposal Tarasova) and one of her much less steely male trainees who eventually overcome his character weakness and became a champion.

The comical effect is multiplied for Russian viewer because Misha Galustyan, the male skater in this composition, is not a professional figure skater but a parodist and humorist. Nobody can view his seriously as a super-masculine Toreador figure.

Petrova Galustyan

Костомаров-Бабенко Феличита

Ванагас Вербицкая Ледниковый период - Метель

15 выпуск-"Чертово колесо" М.Дробязко - А.Дьяченко

Бабенко, Костомаров - Бриллиантовая рука

Тотьмянина, Закошанский

Friske Novikov

Ice Age-3 21-11-2009 Grebenshikova Staviski

Semenovich Kolganov



Old News

Random findings

Valeria Lanskaya

YouTube - Ковальчук-Чернышев

Drobyazko Krasilov

Grebenshikova Staviski

Ланская Ягудин

Маринин Кабо

Три тенора. Авербух, Тихонов. Галустян

Ледниковый период-2 Гедиминас Таранда Ирина Сл...

Анна Снаткина

YouTube - Стриженова, Тихонов - Офицеры (11.98)

Стриженова, Тихонов - Румба

Дробязко-Миллер Ледниковый период 04.04.09

Сихарулидзе Волочкова - Ледниковый период- - кинохиты

Ягудин Дайнеко Ледниковый период- полуфинал

Ягудин Дайнеко серия 1 - Ледниковый период

Алексей Ягудин Виктория Дайнеко

Вика Дайнеко и Алексей Ягудин "Иголка"

YouTube - Ice Age-3 2009-09-26, Navka Basharov 1

YouTube - Ice Age-3 2009-09-26, Volochkova Marinin

26, Bolshova Vanagas 1

26, Lanskaya Yagudin 1

26, Lobacheva Maryanov

07, Volochkova Marinin

26, Lanskaya Yagudin 2

26.09.09 Yagudin Lanskaya Snowstorm

YouTube - Ice Age-3 2009-09-26, Bolshova Vanagas 1

Большова, Ванагас - "Обыкновенное чудо" 26.09.0...

26, Kovalchuk Kostomarov

26, Grebenshikova Staviski

YouTube - Ice Age-3 2009-09-26, Kovalchuk Kostomarov

03, Kovalchuk Kostomarov

2008 Roman Kostomarov

19, Kovalchuk Kostomarov 2

YouTube - Ice Age-3 2009-09-26, Kovalchuk Kostomarov

YouTube - Ice Age-3 2009-09-26, Berezhnaya Galustyan

Ice Age-3 2009-09-12, Berezhnaya Galustyan vs Drobyazko Krasilov, toss-up

Navka-Kostomarov "Karmen" at Rodnina show


Лобачева Марьянов

Kovalchuk Kostomarov


Юлия Ковальчук Роман Костомаров Ледниковый период

Alferova Vanagas

Friske Novikov

Slutskaya Taranda



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