• kirill says:

      May 31, 2013 at 8:20 pm

      Every crook in Russia who feels the long hand of the law about to nab him runs off to the west and claims asylum. This says much more about the west than about Russia.

      • kievite says:

        June 1, 2013 at 8:48 am

        Actually an interesting metamorphose happen right at the border crossing. A crook instantly became the staunch defender of western democracy and its (aka neoliberal) values against Russian backwardness, paranoia and kleptocratic state headed by evil Putin who personally torture innocent girls from Pussy Riot wearing his old KGB uniform :-)

        I would call this sudden attraction to democratic values at the border crossing a “crooks survival instinct” in action. Crooks are always crooks.

        BTW I would object about the term “Stubborn Deniers of Reality” applied to Western Journalism. I think a more proper definition is “Creators of artificial reality”. Masters of illusion, so to speak. And that’s would be a proper classification of Bachelor and Masters degree in journalism instead of “Bachelor of arts”, etc. used today. And truth be told this esoteric art reached the level of perfection and sophistication in comparison with which all those circus magicians are just children.

        BTW who would explain to me the meaning of the term of BS in English. Is this about deception, or an attempt to cover own incompetence (posturing as an expert in subject about which the BS artist has no clue) or about pure propaganda or about meaningless drivel designed to hide the real motives ?

        • kirill says:

          June 1, 2013 at 9:36 am

          “BS” does not have that level of nuance. It is merely a rude way of describing “crap” produced for whatever reason. This “crap” can be deliberate to facilitate the brainwashing of the masses. But it can also be a reflection of the individual(s) spewing it.

          Western BS about Russia is overwhelming. It totally floods any rational discourse based on facts. So it is propaganda and not some failure to understand Russia. There are too many injection points for said BS, all of the same quality of BS, for this to be accidental and some misunderstanding. It is willful malice towards Russia. To call Pussy Riot political prisoners is outright intellectual insult. Some samizdat writer spreading the truth and being sent to the gulag has no resemblance whatsoever to punk ass twats waving their asses at the iconostasis of a Russian cathedral and being sent away for 2 years for hooliganism. The samizdat writer faced gulag time from wherever they operated. Pussy Riot would have gotten a $17 fine if they stayed outside the cathedral.