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HPUX Reference


Enterprise Unix System Administration

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[Sep 10, 2010]   HP-UX system administration

Basic usage

Check system version, release and patches,

uname -r

swlist -l product |grep -i sudo
swlist -l file Sudo

swlist -l bundle | grep ' OS'

swlist -l bundle | grep ' Operating Environment'

swlist -a state -a patch_state PH*

Check for CPUs,

ioscan -fnkC processor


Check for memory and swap,

swapinfo -a

dmesg | more  # search for Memory

top    # real + virtual + free

Check for disks,

ioscan -fnkC disk

Check for filesystems,

cat /etc/mnttab


Add some user and fix its shell,

useradd -m user1

passwd user1

chsh user1 /usr/local/bin/bash

If you desperately need more space,

fsadm -b 1048576 /var

fsadm -b 4194304 /usr

fsadm -b 5242880 /opt

lvreduce -L 1024 /dev/vg00/lvol8

lvreduce -L 4096 /dev/vg00/lvol7

lvreduce -L 5120 /dev/vg00/lvol6

Note. if you also want to resize /stand, you may try with "-C y" and "lvlnboot -r" thereafter.

Package management

View some product content,

swlist -l product | grep -i cde

swlist -l fileset CDE

swlist -l file CDE.CDE-MIN

Install products,

gunzip mutt-1.5.20-ia64-11.23.depot.gz


swlist -s /root/mutt-1.5.20-ia64-11.23.depot

swinstall -s /root/mutt-1.5.20-ia64-11.23.depot mutt

If you experience errors, check the logs,

cd /var/adm/sw/queue/logfiles

cd 000X

more logfile

remove the failed software install,

swremove BUNDLE

and try again, once you fixed the issue,

swinstall /absolute/path/to/BUNDLE

HBA configuration & multipathing

Display hard drives & LUNs,

ioscan -fnC disk

Note. "-funC" for "usable" disks

Note. "insf" or "insf -e -C disk" to force device creation

Note. "-k" as user

Display Fiber Channel adapters,

ioscan -fnC fc

display the HBA's WWN,

fcmsutil /dev/fcd0

note. "/dev/fcdX" or "/dev/tdX"

check for LUNs,

ioscan -fnC disk

For HP/UX 11.23

Configure PVLink (11.23 - Path failover through LVM). Once your VG is working on one path (PV needs to be created on one of the paths first, see the "LVM configuration" paragraph), add the alternate paths to it,

vgextend vg01 /dev/dsk/c2t0d1 /dev/dsk/c6t0d1 /dev/dsk/c8t0d1

Note. otherwise purchase and use SecurePath

For HP/UX 11.31

SAN Multipath option comes with OS. The new storage stack includes dynamic multipath balancing.


To recover files to original location,

frecover -f /dev/rmt/0m -xov -i /source_directory

To recover files relative to the current working directory:

cd /destination_directory

frecover -f /dev/rmt/0m -xXov -i /source_directory


Single user mode

Interrupt the bootloader timeout and boot single user,

boot -is vmunix

Define PATH, TERM and proceed...,



export PATH TERM


Note. if you have bash installed,


Note. if you need to use LVM,

vgchange -a y VGNAME

Note. switch to init 3,

sync; init 3


Get a decent environment with the default shell and vars,

stty erase ^?

export TERM=xterm

Check the logs,


cd /

shutdown -h -y now


cd /

shutdown -r -y now


To give an alternate default shell for all normal users,

vi /etc/profile


if [ $LOGNAME != root \

-a $LOGNAME != daemon \

-a $LOGNAME != bin \

-a $LOGNAME != sys \

... ]; then



To add the rc.local feature to HP/UX,

cd /sbin

vi rc

add at the end,

/bin/ksh /etc/rc.local

then your rc.local script,

cd /etc

vi rc.local

like e.g.,




export PATH

print "starting mysqld"

mysqld_safe --user=mysql &

print "starting apache2"

apachectl start

fix perms,

chmod 755 rc.local

Instead of "diff -r", use,

dircmp -s -d folder1 folder2 2>&1 | more

Note. this only works directory per directory.


Check if only space & tabs:

od -c file

Free the 80 port,

cd /opt/DevMan

vi DevManBE.ini




Fresh Install=0




cd /sbin/rc3.d

./DevMan stop

./DevMan start


To mount an ISO image on HP/UX 11.31 (11iv3),

lvcreate -n cdrom -L 5000 vg00

cd /var/tmp

dd if=image.iso of=/dev/vg00/rcdrom bs=4096k

  mkdir -p /cdrom

mount /dev/vg00/cdrom /cdrom

Note. lvcreate -L in MB

Note. dd against the raw device (rcdx)

To mount an ISO (w/ or w/o rockridge) on older HP/UX releases,

/usr/sbin/pfs_mountd &

/usr/sbin/pfsd &

then edit or create this file,

vi /etc/pfs_fstab

with the following contents:

/dev/dsk/c0t4d0 /ISO_CDROM pfs-iso9660 xlat=unix 0 0

/dev/dsk/c0t4d0 /ISO_RR_CDROM pfs-rrip xlat=unix 0 0

note. create the dirs,

mkdir /ISO_CDROM


mount the CDrom,

pfs_mount /ISO_CDROM

ls -l /ISO_CDROM

umount the CDrom,

pfs_umount /ISO_CDROM

same with long filenames

pfs_mount /ISO_RR_CDROM

pfs_umount /ISO_RR_CDROM


Software references


Security references


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