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Galaxy Note S-pen

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S Pen - this is a comfortable small stylus with a soft tip which actually feels like a pen. It is present is all Galaxy Note products (both tablets and phones) and Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

There's an side button which provides extra functionality with certain gestures. While it's more than just a stylus.  quality of writing on the screen is amazingly good. Almost equal to the real pen. It is very accurate and for handwriting feels like a real pen which is amazing achievement. You really can write long notes with it, for example, lecture notes.

In order to accommodate S-Pen input, the touchscreen uses a Wacom W8008 digitizer, with an Atmel mXT1664S used as the touchscreen controller.

Stylus provided with the tablet has an additional button, called  the Pen button, using which you can add functionality to the S Pen. It essentially converts the pen into kind of Apple-style one button mouse.

Pen is much better for clicking links in browser and selecting the text in Android. Selecting and copy/paste operation in Android without S-pen (or generally stylus) is a torture.

In a way S-pen is a distinctive mark of Samsung products and it really provides additional value.

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Old News ;-)

[Oct 15, 2013] Galaxy Note 3 review Even more features packed into a (slightly) bigger body


First up is the overhauled Settings menu, which dropped minor features available on the Note II, like the ability to choose a dominant-hand setting. Other minor features, like Popup Note, have been cut in favor of the new Air Command features. You can still multitask with Multi window, use Air view to hover for more information, and click the S-Pen's side button while drawing on the screen to make a selection.

Samsung also includes its own Flipboard-style application dubbed My Magazine. You can launch it by swiping up from the bottom. To personalize it, you can choose from a preselected list of news sources you want aggregated, just as you would with Flipboard, and then add in notifications from your social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ (but oddly, not Facebook). The app feels like a response to HTC's news-blaster app, BlinkFeed, and though Samsung partnered with Flipboard for the app, the stand-alone application is much more versatile than Samsung's implementation.

The S-Pen's Settings menu.

Air Command is an entirely new set of five small apps that you can access by hovering over the screen with the S-Pen and clicking the side button. The menu gives you quick access to: Action Memo, Scrapbooker, Screen Write, S Finder, and Pen Window. All of these "mini apps" exist to serve a particular function, but they're not all as useful as Samsung would have you believe.

Air Command and its five apps.

Scrapbooker lets you clip videos, websites, text, links, and other little bits of the Web that you might want to save on your phone to access later. This handy feature will even let you clip YouTube videos to watch later.

Select what you want to snip and Scrapbooker will archive it.

Screen Write and S Finder both seem like natural extensions of the Samsung user experience. S Finder will thoroughly scour your system, your personal files, your handwritten notes, and the Web when running your query, while Screen Write will snap a screenshot and let you add a doodle-y addendum.

S Finder is for...finding stuff, while Screen Write will snap a photo and enable you to write witty annotations on it.

Action Memo lets you pen a memo to yourself and link part of it in order to, for instance, scope out directions in Maps, navigate to a specific link, or open up a photo library. The app is especially useful for its ability to save and archive sticky notes, but the added linking functionality can sometimes overcomplicate what should have been a perfectly simple-to-use application.

When you need to leave yourself a memo, be sure to attach an action. Lastly, there's Pen Window, a gimmicky feature that asks you to draw out the size of the window you need and then select the app that you want to fit within those parameters. These small apps are featured on several manufacturer-customized versions of Android and they're useful on a screen as a big as the Note 3's, but Samsung's implementation is flawed. Some apps end up skewed and misshapen, and I would rather have just had the option to choose what I need in a window that I could manually resize. You can also minimize a window into a "chat bubble" if you're in multitasking mode.

Pen Window's mini apps are useful, but the whole process of drawing on screen to bring up a window will trip you up once in a while. Some might say that the S-Pen is a feature that you'll forget to use after a while, but I felt more comfortable using the stylus with the Note 3's larger screen. Granted, I wasn't a big fan of the handwriting portion, but I liked navigating menus, bringing up applications, and swiping away emails with the pen better than with my finger. The S-Pen has its limitations, however, and you'll want to carefully consider if you can live with permanently stowing away a pen you might not ever use.

S-Note doesn't work too well with sloppy handwriting (like mine), but it has plenty of templates to choose from.
S-Note has come a long way since its launch with the original Galaxy Note. On the Note 3, it gains an overhauled interface and newly polished templates. You can sync to Evernote, add charts and graphs, and set up your own pen presets

[Dec 07, 2012 ] S Pen Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note - TheUnlockr

Annotation and Screen Shots
One great little trick the Galaxy Note can do, is to take screenshots on the device instantly and then be able to draw or annotate them.

1. Get to whatever screen you want to take a screenshot of.

2. Remove the S Pen from the device's holster.

3. Hold the Button down on the S Pen and then hold the S Pen on the screen for a few seconds.

4. The screen will flash white letting you know when you have taken a screenshot.

5. After that the image editor will automatically open allowing you to annotate the image as needed.

6. Once done, hit Save.

Tips for taking Screenshots

You can crop the image by selecting the crop tool at the top left, circle whatever you want then hit Done to crop out just what you circled.
Screenshots are also automatically saved to the clipboard on the device. This means after taking a screenshot, you can Cancel or Save out of the image editor that popped up, and then simply paste the last screenshot you took into any memos, emails, or documents on the device.
You can use the cross of arrows button to move around the image and even pinch to zoom. Once you get to where you want in the image click the pen button again to revert to editing mode.
Hitting Share, automatically saves the image and allows you to then share it with any number of third party services like Facebook, Email, etc.


IFA 2013 Samsung hands-ons -

The S-Pen is what actually makes the Note lineup so special, and Samsung has surely provided the Note 3 with even more S-Pen compatible apps, handwriting-recognition features and drawing tools.

There is also one more thing different about the new Note - it arguably looks better than ever (if though not everybody here at the office agrees). Samsung has its entire back to look like leather and the Note 3 looks just amazing.

Speaking of the leather back, the Note 10.1 2014 has received the same treatment and it looks gorgeaous as well with the white version being our favorite.

Samsung has decided to take after Apple's naming convention and chose not to rename the new Galaxy Note 10.1 slate any further. It is going to be known just as 2014 edition, but will keep away any additional numeration from the name. That's sad as lately, the confusing iPad naming scheme as of late is the only thing no other manufacturer should try to copy.

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