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Cheetsheet for Midnight Commander

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  1. Starting Midnight Commander
  2. Navigational and basic hot keys
  3. Command line and shell window
  4. Function Keys
  5. Tree View Panel
  6. Directory Search Panel (aka NCD panel, aka FindFolder)
  7. File/Directories selection/deselection
  8. Quick view
  9. Quick search
  10. FindFile
  11. Command line execution
  12. Sorting directories
  13. User menu script invocation
  14. Additional file commands
  15. Association (extension menu) management
  16. Compare directories
  17. Compare files operation
  18. Built-in Editor
  19. Archive virtual file system
  20. Infopanel and infoline
  21. History and favorites

Starting Midnight Commander

Open console and type on command prompt:


and press Enter.

There are other ways to start mc. If you enter a directory, it will open in that directory

mc ~/.mc

will open the current directory and ~/.mc

mc ~/.mc /usr/share/mc

will open ~/.mc and /usr/share/mc

The first directory will be in the panel you were in the last time you opened mc. e.g. if you left mc with the right panel selected, mc ~/.mc /usr/share/mc will open /usr/share/mc on the left and ~/.mc on the right.

Navigational and basic hot keys


Command line and shell window

Function Keys

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