January 30, 2014 | brightcomputing.com

News Blogs

  1. HPCwire (hpcwire.com) - while not strictly a blog, HPCwire is a great source of short articles covering HPC news and opinion pieces written by their professional journalists. A handy feature is their independent RSS feeds that let you keep abreast of specific topics.
  2. InsideHPC (insidehpc.com) - is another reliable source of HPC industry news. While they cover many of the same stories as HPCwire, insideHPC often brings a different perspective.
  3. HPCinthecloud (hpcinthecloud.com) - is the sister site of HPCwire that focus on covering high-end cloud computing in science, industry and the data center. It's a good source of news, ideas, and inspiration if you have an interest in combining HPC and Cloud.
  4. The Register HPC (theregister.co.uk/data_centre/hpc/) - Brings HPC news & opinions from around the world. Their card-like interface makes it easy to scan for stories that interest you.

Vendor Blogs

  1. Cray Computing Blog (blog.cray.com) - Cray has been an important name in supercomputing since - well, since forever - and their blog reflects that heritage. You'll find long, thoughtful posts on a range of supercomputing topics there.
  2. High Performance Computing (HPC) at Dell (hpcatdell.com) - Dell plays a big role in today's HPC market, with Dell servers bearing the load for many a compute cluster. Their blog tends to be news-oriented, but it also contains a number of good thought leadership pieces too.
  3. Cisco HPC Blog (blogs.cisco.com/tag/hpc/) - Cisco is a relative newcomer to HPC but their lead HPC blogger, Jeff Squyres, brings a veteran's passion to the task. This blog tends of focus on interesting technical aspects of HPC.
  4. Altair (www.simulatetoinnovate.com) - The folks at Altair have a very active blog that covers a range of HPC-related topics. Sometimes it's news about Altair, but often they cover industry news too, and interesting topics such as, "Multiphysics: Towards the Perfect Golf Swing" which talks about golf as an engineering problem. Fun. The modern layout of their page makes it a pleasure to scan.

Other Blogs

  1. Forrester HPC (http://blogs.forrester.com/category/hpc) - It's not a very active blog, and definitely not the place to look for news, but if you're looking for a straightforward analytic viewpoint on HPC, Forrester's blog is a good place to look.
  2. ISC HPC Blog (https://www.isc-events.com/isc13/blogs.html) - This community blog is hosted by the folks that put on the International Supercomputing Conference. It's a good source for thought-provoking articles about the science of supercomputing.
  3. HPC Notes (www.hpcnotes.blogspot.com) is a good source for news and information about HPC. It's run by the Vice President of HPC at a consulting firm, but his coverage makes a point of being independent.
  4. Marc Hamilton's Blog (http://marchamilton.wordpress.com) - This is a personal blog that captures Marc Haminton's interests in HPC and….well…running. So while it's not strictly an HPC blog, I've included it here because his HPC-related posts can be interesting and varied. Just be prepared to skip over his occasional posts about running shoes.

There you have it. That's our list of go-to blogs about HPC. How does it line up with yours? Did I miss any good ones? Are there some on our list you think don't deserve to be there? Let me know.