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My musical tastes are pretty antiquated: I like guitar and balalaika especially with orchestra like Osipov State Orchestra. See Balalaika Hits. For example My Star

Another Russian folk instrument called Domra also produces some impressive performances


A combination of singing with balalaika orchestra also can produce unique artistic impression, especially in cases when old  Russian Romances are performed (for example, romances with Sergey Esenin's lyrics). YouTube have several pretty rare Osipov State Orchestra performances with Yuri Gulyaev -- an extremely talented star who unfortunately died early. Several Russian songs became the part of world culture and often attributed to other countries. For example

Some great performances of old Russian songs available on YouTube are really touching especially in Basso Profondo and soprano renditions:

Tamara Sinyavskaya that I mentioned above in one of the Osipov orchestra performances ( Тамара Синявская У крыльца высокого) is one of the most impressive mezzo-soprano among the stars of Bolshoi Theater. See Romances. Usually Red Army Choir performances of Russian folk songs are of very high quality, for example:

Another less known but very interesting Russia Choir is so called Bolshoy Children Choir of the Central TV and Radio of the USSR. (now it exists under a different name). Here are some of their old performances that I have found on Youtube:

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Note: Other things equal, higher quality performances are listed first. Performances listed last might not represent true potential of the singer/band.

[Jun 08, 2016] Two guitars

[Jun 07, 2016] Deanna Durbin

[Jun 23, 2016] Valeriy Meladze

[Jun 06, 2016] Aram Khachaturian - Wikipedia

[Jun 4, 2016] Yulia Mikhalchik

[Jun 3, 2016] А он мне нравится

[Jun 2, 2016] Tchaikovsky waltzes

Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker

Waltz from Sleeping Beauty

Swan Lake Waltz

Valse Sentimentale

Waltz of the Snowflakes

Tchaikovsky - Eugene Onegin Opera - Waltz


A song that was very popular in the USSR in 70th.

Random finding for May, 2016

[May 30, 2016] The best way to remember the war dead is to work to ensure that their ranks do not swell

[May 25, 2016] Valentina Lisitsa

Her website is ValentinaLisitsa. See also amazing concert at train station Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #12, played by Valentina Lisitsa on an amazing piano in St Pancras

[May 23, 2016] Polina Gagarina

Quote: "The Eurovision Contest certainly is as dreadful and cheesy as ever". And her song Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest did not impress me. I think Polina Gagarina is stronger in singing more serious songs such as Нет, не любил он, then Europop. But she definitely can do both -- see The winner takes it all


[May 16, 2016] Foreign songs popular in Russia

[May 15, 2016] Vladimir Matetsky (composer)

[May 13, 2016] Masha Rasputina

[May 11, 2016] Leonid Kharitonov


Songs of war times


[May 10, 2016] Bulat Okudzhava

[May 9, 2016] Victory day

[May 06, 2016] Ekaterina Shavrina

[May 05, 2016] Sati Kazanova

[May 2, 2016] Bolshoy_Children_Choir_of_the_Central_TV_and_Radio_of_the_USSR

[May 1, 2016] May 1 -- International Labor Day.

Random findings

[Apr 28, 2014 ] Philip Kirkorov

[Apr 27, 2016] Романтика Романса 2016 - Раймонд Паулс

[Apr 26, 2016] Russian Orthodox Music

[Apr 25, 2016] Группа КВАТРО

[Apr 15, 2016] Alla Pugacheva

[Apr 07, 2016] Laima Vaikule

[Apr 01, 2016] Russian Musical Humor


Random findings

Катерина Голицына

Шаов - Транзитный поезд через Украину, Гужва - Еду домой

Жили три холостяка - Пить ученым просто стыдно

[Mar 25, 2016] Dina Garipova

Dina Garipova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Mar 25, 2016] Maria Pakhomenko

[Mar 24, 2016] Klavdiya Shulzhenko

[Mar 21, 2016] Alexander Vertinski

[Mar 20, 2016] Alexandr Gorodnitskiy

Городницкий, Александр Моисеевич — Википедия

[Mar 19, 2016] Valeriy Leontiev

[Mar 13, 2016] Random findings

[Mar 12, 2016] Irina Ponarovskaya

[Mar 10, 2016] Fabrika

[Mar 09, 2016] Larisa Golubkina

[Mar 08, 2016] Andrei Mironov

[Mar 08, 2016] Random findings

[Mar 08, 2016] Foreign romantic songs popular in Russia

International Women's Day (Wikipedia). See also and “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” -- Joseph Conrad

[Mar 07, 2016] Tatyana Bulanova

[Mar 5, 2016] Tamara Miansarova

[Mar 04, 2016] Random findings

[Mar 03, 2016] Samotsvety

[Mar 02, 2016] Vesylie Rebyata

[Mar 01, 2016] Random findings

[Feb 28, 2016] Random findings of February 2016

[Feb 28, 2016] Netrebko in lady Mackbeth in Metropolitan

Amazing, simply amazing. Dangerous woman or female sociopath if you wish.
Macbeth Vieni, t'affretta (Anna Netrebko)

netrebko Lady Mackbeth

Larry Mitchell 9 months ago

She's as exciting as hell. The role is a treacherous one and the critics all praised her in spades. I saw the HD presentation at the theaters and found her to be riveting. Her singing has a searing intensity that makes one recall Maria Callas. I also heard the opening night broadcast and loved how she blew away the audience with her Sleepwalking Scene. This less than 2 minute segment shows nothing of the total effect she made in this role.

Yige Li 1 year ago

Many haters simply do not understand "how THEY THINK Lady Macbeth should be sung" is never "how Lady Macbeth should be sung". Anya is the rare kind of imaginative artist who has always given a sight out of the box. Narrow minded people, sorry, you just don't deserve to have her.

Leopold Leopold 1 year ago
+Detectivefiction The wrong sex. "Un-sex me here" is sex as in gender, not having sex. Lady Macbeth thinks she needs a killer's instincts to succeed. Macduff thinks a woman is so delicate that he's afraid of telling her about Duncan's death, believing it would make her fall dead from shock. Lady Macbeth has contempt not for women, but for these qualities (of vulnerability) associated with women, no matter who they appear in, and likewise tells her husband only when when he was ready to perform a murder was he a man. The full context is "Un-sex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty." That being said, the costuming is the least of this productions problems.

CarlaMusic 1 year ago

She's like the modern day Callas. To some she maybe singing the wrong rep, but she act her ass off and look good doing it. Time will tell if her career is cut in half by it.
TOTIC 1 year ago
I saw her at the Met tonight and she brought the house down. Amazing performance. 

Lawrence Wraith 1 year ago

it's true she brought the house down on September 27...but some thing else happens

it was during her final scene that the audience wouldn't stop clapping and applauding and she just stood there on those damn high chairs like a statue in a trance for 40 seconds.. ....the audience becoming more and more excited....they would not let Lady Macbeth was beautiful...


[Feb 27, 2016] Vladimir Migulia

[Feb 24, 2016] Maya Kristalinskaya

[Feb 23, 2016] Red Army Choir

Classic Russian songs and romances

Leonid Kharitonov


Ukrainian songs

[Feb 22, 2016] Anti War songs

[Feb 20, 2016] Yuri Antonov

[Feb 19, 2016] Vitas

[Feb 07, 2016] Anna German (1936–1982)

See also Anna German - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and СВЕТИТ НЕЗНАКОМАЯ ЗВЕЗДА

[Feb 06, 2016] Russian sport songs

Футбольный марш

Алексей Гоман и Домисольки - Спортивный марш

Закаляйся-Первая перчатка

Герои спорта

Звезда искусственного льда

Людмила Гурченко Команда молодости нашей

Да разве сердце позабудет...-Баллада о спорте

Трус не играет в хоккей

Высоцкий - Профессионалы (редкий вариант)


Вершина - Владимир Высоцкий

Do svidanja, Moskva - Good Bye, Moscow

Л. Сенчина и Р. Ибрагимов - Старт дает Москва

Темп из к/ф Баллада о спорте (1980) Композитор: Александра Пахмутова Слова: Н. Добронравов

Муслим Магомаев - Стадион моей мечты-1. Muslim Magomaev

Мне с детства снилась высота - О спорт-ты мир!

Домисолька - Попурри из песен о спорте

[Feb 03, 2016] Russian Romance: Foggy Morning / Ytro Tymannoe

[Feb 02, 2016] Bards

See Bard (Soviet Union) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Feb 01, 2016] Lev Letshchenko


[Jan 31, 2016] Random finding Jan 2016

[Jan 31, 2016] Vladimir Matetsky

[Jan 27, 2016] Варяг

Плещут холодные волны. Cruiser Varyag

Старинная матросская песня Варяг

[Jan 26, 2016] Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Jan 26, 2016] Vyacheslav Dobryinin

[Jan 25, 2016] Vladimir Visotskij