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Russian Music Oldies on YouTube

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In the past people waited years, traveled large distances on horses. and spent small fortunes on listening to certain pieces of music maybe once in their entire adult lives, and that the lower classes probably never heard any classical music at all.

Now we can listen most masterpieces with a few flicks of mouse (or finger on touch  screen), whenever we want. Think about it. 

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Note: Other things equal, higher quality performances are listed first. Performances listed last might not represent true potential of the singer/band.

[Dec 31, 2018] Random finding for December, Dec 2018

[Dec 31, 2018] Happy New Year !

[Dec 30, 2018] Those Were the Days (Dorogoy Dlinnoyu)

[Dec 29, 2018] Those Were the Days (Dorogoy Dlinnoyu)

[Dec 28, 2018] Москва златоглавая

The song was suppressed under Soviets and contains a obvious nostalgia of about past "tzarists" times. This is a somewhat sad song. Modern pop variant spoiled this feeling...

[Dec 27, 2018] One year since the death of Vladimir Shainsky


[Dec 26, 2018] One year since Russian jet catastophe that took life of 93 members of the ensemble

The last year that same time the terrible tragedy happened. In December 2016 all 92 on Syria-bound Russian military jet killed in crash, including 60 from Red Army Choir Reuters Of them 60 were members of Red Army Choir. They were traveling on a Russian military plane to perform for troops.
In an effort to try and list all their names, according to Wikipedia...
Director: Valery Khalilov, Choreographer: L. Kulikov, Administrator: VG Kadin, Choreographer and coach: V. Ermolin, Head Dresser: A. Kormilitsyn (Honoured Worker of Culture) Vocal coaches: People's Artist of Russia Laureate of competitions: MI Glinka and PI Tchaikovsky, Professor KP Lisovsky Concertmaster: V. Brodsky+
Soloists: VI Shtefutsa and EM Labkovsky; with SV Ivanov, PD Bogachev, VP Maystruk, AA Gvozdetsky, BM Mizyuk (all Honoured Artist of Russia)
Choir: YA Lysenko, Y. Shtrunov, IM Pirogov, IS Sobolev, И.Ф. Volkov, OV Filimonov, AN Savitsky, VA Nagorny, VP Kokarev, AA Hristachev, JN Deynekin, VM Bolonenko, VN Antonov, AN Stritenko, AA Toschev (all Honoured Artist of Russia); and VS Buzlov, SP Lapik, VF Orthodox, GU Razgasimov, V. Chekin, MD Mochalina,
Orchestra: AA Mogulkin, Y. Savkin, MG Chervov, PD Shchennikov, NI Diakov, AI Egorov, VM Predelin (all Honoured Artist of Russia)
Ballet: GD Pavlyuchenko, IV Konygina, P.U. Khmelnitski (all Honoured Artist of Russia)

Classic Russian songs and romances


Ukrainian songs

[Dec 25, 2018] Orthodox Chants

There are several interesting samples of unique polyphonic musical tradition of Russian Orthodox Church on YouTube. Among them:

[Dec 24, 2018] Russian Basso Profondo




Artur Eizen

Leonid Kharitonov







Taras Shtonda



Mark Riezen

[Dec 22, 2018] Oleg Pogudin

[Dec 21, 2018] Глеб Матвейчук

[Dec 20, 2018] Анастасия Макеева

[Dec 19, 2018] Максим Галкин

[Dec 18, 2018] Юрий Лоза

[Dec 16, 2018] Сергей Волчков

Волчков, Сергей Валерьевич - Википедия

Foreign classic

Soviet classic



Яак Йола - Подберу музыку 1979

Folk songs

War song


See also

[Dec 14, 2018] Maria Bieshu

[Dec 13, 2018] Marina Devyatova

[Dec 12, 2018] Иван Скобцов

[Dec 11, 2018] Andrey Makarevich

[Dec 10, 2018] Taisia Povaliy

[Dec 07, 2018] Alena Bikkylova

[Dec 06, 2018] Dima Bilan

[Dec 05, 2018] Georg Ots

Georg Ots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Dec 03, 2018] Ani Lorak

[Dec 03, 2018] Yury Gulayev

  • Concerts
  • [Dec 03, 2018] Vladimir Vysotsky. My Gypsy Song (Vse ne tak rebyata")

    Famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky about Soviet system. Sound now as if it was written about the current crisis of neoliberalism I found several translation of it at Vysotsky Translations Of course, original is better, but it is assessable only for Russian-speaking readers
    Dreaming I see yellow lights 
    Hoarsely scream while dreaming 
    Give me time, oh give me time
    Morning will be easy 
    But the morning was also hard 
    My party have been over 
    So I am smoking on empty gut
    Or drinking in hangover
    I saw the pub-a lot of fun 
    And many sexy women 
    This place is heaven for drunkard 
    But for me it's prison 
    In holy church was dusk and stunk 
    Priest burned incensed honey 
    No, even church was wrong, I think 
    Nothing there was holy
    I saw wild field along the stream 
    That God forgot forever 
    Blue bells were only in clear field 
    And road that led somewhere
    Dark ancient forest by this road 
    With evil witches orgies
    And at the end of that scary road 
    Were guillotine and axes 
    So loosing breath I climbed on hill
    To save myself from horror 
    I saw red alder on the top of hill 
    But at the foot-black cherry 
    If even ivy twined hills slope
    I might be happy see it 
    Or, if there was only something else
    But nothing pleased my spirit 
    So, I am dreaming on empty gut
    Or drinking in hangover
    Yes, something wrong along the road 
    But at the end nightmare 
    Neither church nor even pub
    Non of them is right way
    Nor my friends, oh nor my friends 
    All are wrong, friends, I can say 
    Hey one, another one,
    And many, many, many, many ones 
    Another one and other ones 
    All are wrong, I can say.

    Trans. by Roy

    In my dream burn yellow lights,
    And I spill my sorrow:
    "Do not go - please, stay the night!
    Wait! Fresh for the morrow!"
    But the morning seems all wrong,
    No joy - more's the pity -
    Ugh - the hair of the dog,
    Of the dog that bit you!
    In the bars, red, bloodshot eyes,
    All that sparkling poison -
    Clowns' and beggars' paradise
    And my gilded prison.
    In the church, stench, Evensong,
    Even gold looks shabby...
    No, the church, it feels all wrong,
    Not the way it should be!
    In a hurry, I climb up,
    Why? I do not know.
    There's an alder-tree on top,
    A cherry-tree below.
    Wish there was plush on the slope -
    It would look less scrubby.
    There is not a bloody hope,
    Nothing's as it should be.
    I keep searching high and low:
    Oh my God, where are you?
    By the roadside, bluebells grow,
    And the road climbs higher.
    All along the road, a wood
    Full of witches, fellows.
    At the end of that long road
    Nothing but the gallows.
    Horses dancing all along,
    Smoothly dance the horses.
    On the road it seems all wrong,
    At the end, much worser.
    Nothing's holy anymore,
    Neither drink nor prayer.
    It's all wrong, boys, by the Lord,
    No, boys, it's not fair...
    Trans. by Tkach
    Into my dream creep yellow lights,
    And I shout myself hoarse in my sleep:
    "Wait a bit, wait a bit -
    It'll get better in the morning."
    But in the morning nothing is right,
    It's no fun anymore:
    You either smoke on empty stomach,
    Or drink from a hangover.
    In the drinking-house there is a familiar sight
    Of a green shot, white napkins, -
    It's a heaven for beggars and buffoons,
    I feel like a caged bird in it.
    The church dissolves in stench and darkness ,
    The deacons are smoking the incense...
    No, nothing is right in here, either,
    Nothing is the way it's supposed to be!
    I hurry off onto the hill,
    So nothing would come before me, -
    There grows an alder on the hill
    And under the hill - a cherry tree.
    If only the ivy twined the slope, -
    It would bring me a slight consolation,
    If there only was something else...
    But no, nothing is the way it should be!
    I go off onto the field, along the river.
    Tons of light, no God.
    Corn-flowers in the clear field
    And a road leading far away.
    Along the road - a deep forest
    With evil witches.
    And at the end of that road -
    A guillotine and axes.
    Somewhere horses are dancing to the beat,
    Half-heartedly and smoothly..
    Nothing is right along the road,
    And it's no better at the end of it.
    And not the church or the drinking-house -
    Nothing is holy!
    No, folks, nothing is right!
    Nothing is right, folks...

    [Dec 02, 2018] Ludmila Senchina

    [Dec 02, 2018] На Безымянной Высоте Дмитрий Хворостовский (4.2003) authors М.Матусовским и В.Баснером

    Now when the international situation smells with a new war, the song sound of a urgent warning to both common people and politicians


    vladimir poljakov 2 years ago

    Песня о реальном бое. В ночь на 14 сентября группе из 18 бойцов 8-й роты 718 полка 139-й стрелковой ‎дивизии была поставлена задача овладеть высотой 224,1 у деревни Рубеженка, ‎обеспечивающей удобный выход к реке Десна. Группу составляли в основном новосибирцы ‎‎(17 человек были из г. Новосибирска, а 10 работали на заводе "Сибметаллстрой", ныне ‎‎"Сибсельмаш"). Под командованием младшего лейтенанта Евгения Порошина бойцы смогли ‎выполнить задачу и овладеть высотой, но были отсечены от основных сил 139-й стрелковой ‎дивизии превосходящими силами противника. В течение всей ночи 18 солдат удерживали ‎высоту, отбивая атаки превосходящих сил немцев - до 500 солдат, усиленных танками, ‎артподготовкой и авиацией.‎ К утру в живых осталось двое – Герасим Лапин (дончанин) и Константин Власов (сибиряк). ‎Власова взяли в плен, он бежал из плена, воевал в партизанском отряде. Лапин был ‎обнаружен подошедшим к утру подкреплением – боец лежал среди мертвых товарищей и ‎был без сознания.‎.

    [Dec 01, 2018] Songs from Ryazanov's films

    Eldar Ryasonov

    [Dec 01, 2018] С.Шнуров-Разговор в вагоне-ресторане`На 100 летии А.Галича.20.10.2018

    [Nov 31, 2018] Random finding for November, 2018

    [Nov 30, 2018] Одинокая гармонь

    One of the masterpieces among Soviet lyrical songs. Allegory of unshared love and the sounds of lonely accordion on the suburbs of a village is simply great.

    Георг ОТС - Одинокая гармонь

    [Nov 29, 2018] Lydmila Barykina

    [Nov 26, 2018] Олег Ухналёв - И не то, чтобы да - YouTube

    [Nov 26, 2018] Jealousy Tango

    [Nov 25, 2018] The Mail troika

    Foreign performances


    [Nov 25, 2018] Marina Golchenko

    [Nov 24, 2018] Balalaika instrumental pieces

    [Nov 12, 2018] La Campanella (Paganini)

    [Nov 11, 2018] Niccolò Paganini - Caprice 24

    [Nov 10, 2018] Tumbalalaika

    [Nov 09, 2018] Шар голубой

    [Nov 08, 2018] Galina

    [Nov 06, 2018] Songs from films

    [Nov 05, 2018] Песня нашей молодости Мишка Мишка

    [Nov 04, 2018] Andrey Petrov - Music for Films - Андрей Петров - Музыка из кинофильмов - YouTube

    [Oct 31, 2018] Random finding for October, 2018

    [Oct 28, 2018] Yuri Temirkanov


    [Oct 19, 2018] Murka from Odessa

    Amazing, simply amazing!!!

    [Oct 18, 2018] Valeriy Syomin

    [Oct 17, 2018] Dmitri Hvorostovsky

    [Oct 16, 2018] Lydmila Sokolova

    [Oct 15, 2018] Nikolai Baskov

    See also Nikolay Baskov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Oct 14, 2018] Russian Romances by Sergey Yesenin

    Sergei Yesenin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ne zhaliyu ne zovu ne plachu

    Tonkaya Ryabina

    Klen tu moy opavshiy

    Letter to mother

    Otgovorila rotcha zolotaya (A golden grove has ceased at last its chatter)

    Nad Okoshkov Mesyats (Музыка Я.Френкель (Yan Frenkel)

    Puskay ty vuypita drugim

    Da swidanya

    Poy zhe poy

    Мне осталась одна забава

    Ah eta kraknaya ryabina

    Often attributed to Yesenin, but in reality Музыка Семена Заславского на слова Анатолия Сафронова.

    [Oct 13, 2018] Polina Gagarina

    [Oct 12, 2018] Nikolai Noskov

    [Oct 04, 2018] Tchaikovsky - Valse Sentimentale

    [Oct 02, 2018] Jascha Heifetz

    [Oct 01, 2018] Flight Of The Bumble Bee


    [Sep 30, 2018] Random finding for September

    [Sep 29, 2018] Dark eyes (instrumental)

    [Sep 27, 2018] Old Russian Waltz Expectation by Herold Lavrentievich Kittler (1901г.)

    [Sep 26, 2018] Tango from Soviet Russia - Bryzgi Shampanskovo, ca 1930

    [Sep 25, 2018] Anatoly Solovyanenko

    Ukrainian songs


    [Sep 19, 2018] Flame (Plamya) rock group

    [Sep 18, 2018] Anna Netrebko

    [Sep 14, 2018] Nikolai Gnatyuk

    [Sep 11, 2018] Joseph Kobzon

    Joseph Kobzon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Sep 10, 2018] Larisa Dolina

    [Sep 9, 2018] Yury Gulayev

    Yuri Aleksandrovich Gulyayev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Sep 03, 2018] Marina Devyatova

    [Sep 2, 2018] Andrey Petrov

    Famous Soviet composer

    [Aug 30, 2018] Random findings for August

    [Aug 27, 2018] On the Hills of Manchuria (Old Russian Waltz). НА СОПКАХ МАНЬЧЖУРИИ

    [Aug 26, 2018] Г.В.Свиридов - Время, вперед!

    [Aug 25, 2018] Oleksii Semenenko Waxman Carmen Fantasy 2015 Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition


    [Aug 24, 2018] Famous Russian Romances

    [Aug 22, 2018] Igor Krutoy

    [Aug 18, 2018] Soprano 10

    [Aug 17, 2018] Muslim Magomaev

    [Aug 16, 2018] Igor Nikolaev

    [Aug 15, 2018] Russian Waltzs

    [Aug 14, 2018] A. Petrov - Autumn Marathon

    [Aug 13, 2018] Утро (из музыки к к-ф Служебный роман, А. Петров)

    [Aug 12, 2018] М. Таривердиев - музыка к х-ф Ирония судьбы...!

    [Aug 11, 2018] School Waltz (Isaak Dunayevsky)

    [Aug 10, 2018] Jascha Heifetz - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso,

    [Jul 31, 2018] Random finding for July 2018

    [Jul 29, 2018] Вероника Круглова

    [Jul 28, 2018] Vadim Mulerman

    RIP (Vadim Mulerman - Soviet singer, died on Wednesday May 2nd 2018 at age 80). See also Vadim Mulerman - Wikipedia

    [Jul 26, 2018] ВИА Красные маки

    [Jul 26, 2018] ВИА Синяя птица Так вот какая ты

    [Jul 25, 2018] Some classic pieces

    [Jul 23, 2018] James Last - Russian Melodies

    Published on Aug 8, 2017

    James Last - Russian Melodies

    1. Miternacht In Moskau 3:07
    2. Kalinka 3:43
    3. Der Rote Safran 3:00
    4. Russischer Volkstanz 3:11
    5. Kosaken-Patroullie 3:38
    6. Schiwago-Melodie 3:20
    7. Säbeltanz 3:12
    8. Abendglocken 3:04
    9. Z wei Gitarren 2:18
    10. Nicht Der Wind 3:02
    11. Stenka Rasin 2:52
    12. Zwischen Tag Und Nacht 5:20

    [Jul 22, 2018] Old Russian Waltzes

    [Jul 18, 2018] ВИА Веселые ребята

    [Jul 17, 2018] ВИА Здравствуй,песня

    [Jul 16, 2018] Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998)

    [Jul 15, 2018] Вивальди-оркестр

    [Jul 14, 2018] Нина Бродская

    [Jul 13, 2018] ВИА Голубые гитары Ветер северный

    [Jul 12, 2018] Jakob Boesherz

    [Jul 11, 2018] Юрий Антонов

    [Jul 10, 2018] Tatyana Ryzhkova

    [Jul 09, 2018] Тонкая рябина

    [Jul 08, 2018] ВИА Орэра

    [Jul 07, 2018] Не повторяется такое никогда

    [Jul 06, 2018] ВИА Поющие гитары - Нет тебя прекрасней (1969)

    [Jul 05, 2018] Давай попробуем вернуть

    [Jul 03, 2018] ВИА Самоцветы

    [Jul 02, 2018] Balalaika selection

    [Jul 01, 2018] Russian Virtuoso Alexey Arkhipovsky

    [Jun 30, 2018] Random finding for June 2018

    [Jun 28, 2018] Liberace

    Liberace - Wikipedia That's obviously not all Russian pieces but have found amazingly close to Russian music in spirit

    Random findings for May 2018

    [May 26, 2018] Алексей Глызин

    [May 25, 2018] Valentina Lisitsa

    Her website is ValentinaLisitsa. See also amazing concert at train station Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #12, played by Valentina Lisitsa on an amazing piano in St Pancras

    [May 23, 2018] Polina Gagarina

    Quote: "The Eurovision Contest certainly is as dreadful and cheesy as ever". And her song Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest did not impress me. I think Polina Gagarina is stronger in singing more serious songs such as Нет, не любил он, then Europop. But she definitely can do both -- see The winner takes it all


    [May 16, 2018] Foreign songs popular in Russia

    [May 15, 2018] Vladimir Matetsky (composer)

    [May 13, 2018] Masha Rasputina

    [May 11, 2018] Leonid Kharitonov


    Songs of war times


    [May 10, 2018] Bulat Okudzhava

    [May 9, 2018] Victory day

    Alexandrov ensemble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia