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Russian Romances by Sergey Yesenin Moscow Nights Dark Eyes Those Were the Days Vot mchitsya troika potshtovaya Korobeiniki aka Tetris Music Russian sport songs Figure skating Navka - Basharov

My musical tastes are pretty antiquated: I like guitar and balalaika especially with orchestra like Osipov State Orchestra. See Balalaika Hits. For example My Star

A combination of singing with balalaika orchestra also can produce unique artistic impression, especially in cases when old Russian Romances are performed (for example, romances with Sergey Esenin's lyrics). YouTube have several pretty rare Osipov State Orchestra performances with Yuri Gulyaev -- an extremely talented star who unfortunately died early.

Several Russian songs became the part of world culture and often attributed to other countries. For example

Some great performances of old Russian songs available on YouTube are really touching especially in Basso Profondo and soprano renditions:

Tamara Sinyavskaya that I mentioned above in one of the Osipov orchestra performances ( Тамара Синявская У крыльца высокого) is one of the most impressive mezzo-soprano among the stars of Bolshoi Theater. See Romances. Usually Red Army Choir performances of Russian folk songs are of very high quality, for example:

Another less known but very interesting Russia Choir is so called Bolshoy Children Choir of the Central TV and Radio of the USSR. (now it exists under a different name). Here are some of their old performances that I have found on Youtube:

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Note: Other things equal, higher quality performances are listed first. Performances listed last might not represent true potential of the singer/band.

[Mar 25, 2015] Dina Garipova

Dina Garipova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Mar 25, 2015] Maria Pakhomenko

[Mar 24, 2015] Klavdiya Shulzhenko

[Mar 21, 2015] Alexander Vertinski

[Mar 20, 2015] Alexandr Gorodnitskiy

Городницкий, Александр Моисеевич Википедия

[Mar 19, 2015] Valeriy Leontiev

[Mar 13, 2015] Random findings

[Mar 12, 2015] Irina Ponarovskaya

[Mar 10, 2015] Fabrika

[Mar 09, 2015] Larisa Golubkina

[Mar 08, 2015] Andrei Mironov

[Mar 08, 2015] Random findings

[Mar 08, 2015] Foreign romantic songs popular in Russia

International Women's Day (Wikipedia). See also and "Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men." -- Joseph Conrad

[Mar 07, 2015] Tatyana Bulanova

[Mar 5, 2015] Tamara Miansarova

[Mar 04, 2015] Random findings

[Mar 03, 2015] Samotsvety

[Mar 02, 2015] Vesylie Rebyata

[Mar 01, 2015] Random findings

Random findings

[Feb 24, 2015] Maya Kristalinskaya

[Feb 23, 2015] Red Army Choir

Classic Russian songs and romances

Leonid Kharitonov


Ukrainian songs

[Feb 22, 2015] Anti War songs

[Feb 20, 2015] Yuri Antonov

[Feb 19, 2015] Vitas

[Feb 14, 2015] Anna German (19361982)

See also Anna German - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and СВЕТИТ НЕЗНАКОМАЯ ЗВЕЗДА

[Feb 06, 2015] Russian sport songs

Футбольный марш

Алексей Гоман и Домисольки - Спортивный марш

Закаляйся-Первая перчатка

Герои спорта

Звезда искусственного льда

Людмила Гурченко Команда молодости нашей

Да разве сердце позабудет...-Баллада о спорте

Трус не играет в хоккей - YouTube

Высоцкий - Профессионалы (редкий вариант)


Вершина - Владимир Высоцкий

Do svidanja, Moskva - Good Bye, Moscow

Л. Сенчина и Р. Ибрагимов - Старт дает Москва

Темп из к/ф Баллада о спорте (1980) Композитор: Александра Пахмутова Слова: Н. Добронравов

Муслим Магомаев - Стадион моей мечты-1. Muslim Magomaev

Мне с детства снилась высота - О спорт-ты мир!

Домисолька - Попурри из песен о спорте

[Feb 03, 2015] Russian Romance: Foggy Morning / Ytro Tymannoe

[Feb 02, 2015] Bards

See Bard (Soviet Union) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Feb 01, 2015] Lev Letshchenko


[Jan 31, 2015] Vladimir Matetsky

[Jan 26, 2015] Demis Roussos RIP

Demis Roussos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Jan 26, 2015] Vyacheslav Dobryinin

[Jan 25, 2015] Vladimir Visotskij

[Jan 24, 2015] Полина Гагарина

Гагарина, Полина Сергеевна Википедия

[Jan 23, 2015] Valeriy Obodzinskiy

[Jan 21, 2015] Jeanna Friske

[Jan 21, 2015] Александр Градский

Градский, Александр Борисович Википедия

[Jan 20, 2015] Irina Allegrova

[Jan 18, 2015] Valaam monastery choir

[Jan 18, 2015] Choir of Sretensky monastery

[Jan 17, 2015] Pensyary

[Jan 15, 2015] Maxim Marinin

[Jan 15, 2015] Splendid Navka

See also Navka Beroev, Navka - Basharov, Navka Kolganov, Navka Haapasalo, Navka Vorobyov

[Jan 15, 2015] Музыка русской эмиграции

[Jan 14, 2015] Orthodox Christmas

[Jan 12, 2015] Elena Obraztsova

RIP to one of the best Carmen on world scene. He actually performed up to her death in Pique Dame

[Jan 7, 2015] Evening bell

[Jan 03, 2015] Songs of Petr Letschenko

[Jan 02, 2015] Sway Frank Sinatra

[Jan 01, 2015] New Year concerts

[Jan 01, 2015] Валерия - Пять минут (Новогодняя)

[Jan 1, 2015] Continued

[Jan 3, 2013] Russian Waltzs

Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker

Waltz from Sleeping Beauty

Swan Lake Waltz

Valse Sentimentale

Waltz of the Snowflakes

Tchaikovsky - Eugene Onegin Opera - Waltz

Na sopkah Manchzhurii

Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz 2 From Jazz Suite

Dmitri Shostakovich - Lyric Waltz

Waltz Masquerade

Aram Khachaturian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sviridov the Snowstorm Waltz

My tender beast

Casual waltz

V lesy prifrontovom

Noch svetla

Sevastopol waltz


School Waltz

School Waltz 2

Waltz about Waltz

White Waltz

Russian Waltz

Dream Waltz

Moon Waltz

Waves of Dunay

Amur Waves

Старинный русский вальс "Амурские волны" М.Кюсс,инструментовка Г.Пучкова,исп.ЦВО МО РФ,дир.А.Колотушкин.В 1909 году Макс Кюсс во Владивостоке написал и исполнил с оркестром написанный им вальс

The Russian hussars Waltz from the movie "o bedmon gusare zamolvite slovo"

Andrei Petrov Valse from the movie Beware Of Automobile

Walts "St.Petersburg misteries" by Andrey Petrov

Prewar Waltz

Remembering Flowers

May waltz

Waltz of separation

Autumn dreams

Recommended Links

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Softpanorama Recommended

Music of Russia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia pretty weak :-(

Link Collections

Старая пластинка Мелодии 30х - 60х

Минусовки (The School of Russian and Asian Studies

The Yale Russian Chorus

The Yale Russian Chorus is an cappella ensemble composed of members from the Yale University and New Haven community. The group's mission is to celebrate the rich music and culture of the former Soviet Union. Since its inception in 1953, the Chorus has become a widely-acclaimed ensemble, performing an extensive repertoire of folk, liturgical, classical, and contemporary music from Russia and its neighboring republics.

Modern Russian Music

The Slavyanka Mens Slavic Chorus

The Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus regularly presents a cappella concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The repertoire is liturgical and folk music, mostly Russian. 'Slavyanka' is the name that the early Russian settlers in California gave to the river that is today known as the Russian River. Slavyanka was formed in 1979 by several former members of the Yale Russian Chorus. The founder of Slavyanka and director until 1991 was Paul Andrews.

Best Russian Songs - MP3 Music Streams on IMEEM

Here are some sources for the lyrics to Russian songs in KOI8 Cyrillic fonts and transliterated for regular fonts.

Hits of the MIT Russian Club

The MIT Russian Club is the repository of the lyrics of Russian popular songs written by virtually all the major contemporary popular song writers. To decode them you will need the music, some of which is provided on the site. The lyrics are provided in KOI8 fonts and transliterated.

Simon Hawkin's Russian Bards

This site includes a healthy selection of Russian popular songs, including the latest songs from the Russian army fighting in Chechnya.

Russian Composers

Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881)

Information on one of the ultimate sources of 20th century music is beginning to appear on the Web. The Bolshoy Theatre has pictures from their productions of two of his operas. Hopefully, there will be more soon. Stravinsky owes too much to Mussorgsky for the latter to be so ignored.

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953)

Only a few web sites are devoted to Sergei Prokiev. Bruce maintains one with a good deal of promise. Chad Twedt offers a short essay on Prokofiev here.

Sergei Vassilievich Rachmaninoff (1873-1943)

Vassilievich Rachmaninoff was born on April 1, 1873, at Semyonovo, the family estate near the ancient city of Novgorod. He was not only a gifted pianist who loved to tour the US, but was a major romantic composer, as well. Rachmaninoff was associated with the Western-oriented St. Petersburg Conservatory with the Rubenstein brothers and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The International Rachmaninoff Society provides a history and critique of Rachmaninoff's lesser known 3rd Piano Concerto. I have also been able to find a a Rachmaninoff Lover's page, for those currently or previously in love. Whatever the Web has to offer on Rachmaninoff can probably be found at one of the sites of the Rachmaninoff Webring.

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908)

A biography of Rimsky-Korsakov and the libretto in transliterated Russian to his opera, May Night, based on a story by Gogol may be found here. Even better, OperaGlass, a site maintained on Rick Bogart's workstation at Stanford, contains a listing of all of Rimsky-Korsakov's operas with a libretto, synopsis, performance history for most of them.

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)

Ian McDonald's Music under Soviet Rule has become the richest source of information on Shostakovich. It now includes a substantial literary archive of articles on Shostakovich and his music as well as a detailed chronology of his life. Simon Hawkin's Shostakovich site also has some interesting links. Alexandre H. Hohmann offers pictures, libretti, sound files and links at his mysterious site. Another rich resource of Shostakovichiana may be found at the site of the same name. New! Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostokovich"

Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)

Stravinsky, of course, played a major role in changing the course of music in the 20th century with the infamous debut of 'The Rite of Spring' in Paris in 1913. An excellent short biography may be found in Finland. But John Harrington's site remains the best source of information on Stravinsky. It now includes an complete annotated list of Stravinsky's works. Last but certainly not least comes Victor Huang's excellent site, rich with photographs and MIDI files of Stravinsky's music. A good place to start.

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)

Tchaikovsky, the composer of the music you are now listening to, was the ultimate master of Romantic music. Remarkably, there is currently very little about Tchaikovsky on the Web--a time-line, and a small collection of MIDI sequences of his music.

Russian Musical Instruments

The Balalaika and Domra

The quintessential Russian musical instrument is the triangular balalaika. Would you believe it, there is an association for these instruments in America.

Russian Wind Instruments

Robin LaPasha of Duke University has a page briefly introducing Russian folk wind instruments.

Other Russian Music Sites

Classical Music of St. Petersburg

This site features the concert schedules of all the concert halls, their addresses, biographies of composers (forthcoming), and MP3 snippets of classical music. Worth a visit now and getting better every day.

Bolshoi Theatre

The mother of them all is the Bolshoiopera and ballet in one theater. One of the world's great opera houses and home of the finest classical ballet troup in the world. The Bolshoi Theater web-server provides a complete history complete with historical photographs. The also has several pages on the Bolshoi, including a history of it and an interview with its director, Vassiliev. Finally, Seanet has a brief description, too.

Gregorian Chants

Gregorian chant is one of the many traditions of liturgical song that developed in the Christian church during the medieval period. The liturgical chant texts were created in ancient languages, the most important of which were Greek, Latin, Old Slavonic, the language of the Bulgarian, Russian, and Serbian Orthodox churches.

Kirov-Mariinsky Ballet

The St. Petersburg ballet theater was established by Catherine the Great in the Mariinsky Theater and shortly became one of the great companies in the world. This site contains a history, interviews with principle dancers, instructors, a review of the Vaganova Ballet School, and a great deal of information on the Nutcracker Ballet from which the music you now hear was taken.

Les Ballets Russe

Program notes, information on Nijinski, Pavlova, Fokine, Balanchine, and all the great performers and composers of the Russian company which took the breath of Paris away at the beginning of the century. Jenny Gorman and Chris Sippel have provided a short essay on the Ballets at the Rhodes College site.

Lyle Neff's Files on Russian Classical Music

Links to information on a wide range of classical Russian composers of the 19th and 20th century along, including biographies, librettos, lists of works. It may be soon moving to Delaware.

Music under Soviet Rule

Thanks to Southern Illinois University Ian McDonald's delightful site is back with all its general information on Soviet music plus individual pages on Prokofiev, Shostakovich and many minor composers. It also contains CD information, chronologies of more than a dozen Soviet composers, and information on Soviet music discussion groups.

Musical Heritage of Eastern Europe and Russia

This is the web site of an exciting course on Russian and Eastern European music and culture by Patricia Gray of Rhodes College. It includes a rich array of background notes on music and icons, graphics, musical selections in AIFF files, and links to related sites. A wonderful place to visit even if you are not enrolled, if you like Russian music.

Onno van Rijen's 20th Century Russian Music Site

This is a site with opus lists of all the well-known 20th century Russian composers and most of the minor ones. There is also information about the availability of CDs with these composers' music.

St. Petersburg Conservatory

A magnificent site with quick, appealing and most appropriate JAVA applets. This site is interesting for its history and links to other Russian music sites, especially Russian Classics On-line -- real stereo performances of various world symphonies delivered via stream audio. Be sure you have the Real Audio plug-in installed before you enter the concert hall; you will want to leave the music on as you continue to move around the web. If you don't already have it, you may download it on the site. This is a major on-line event for Russian culture. Don't miss it!

Folk Culture THE BALALAIKA Vladimir Vysotsky

Vysotsky's gruff voice and starkly, sometimes slyly, poetic lyrics have inspired two generations of Russians and are working their way into the young hearts of a third. In addition to the major Vysotsky web site


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