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Note: Other things equal, higher quality performances are listed first. Performances listed last might not represent true potential of the singer/band.

Random findings For august 2017

[Aug 24, 2017] Не пишите мне писем, дорогая графиня

[Aug 24, 2017] Romances

[Aug 22, 2017] Igor Krutoy

[Aug 17, 2017] Muslim Magomaev

[Aug 16, 2017] Igor Nikolaev

Soprano 10

[Aug 08, 2017] Russian Waltzs

[Aug 7, 2017] Sofia Rotaru


[Jul 31, 2017] Random findings for July

[Jul 31, 2017] Anti-war songs

[Jul 31, 2017] Edita Pyeha

[Jul 28, 2017] Georgy Sviridov

Georgy Sviridov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Jul 27, 2017] Ukrainian songs

[Jul 26, 2017] Zara

She is like Russian Charles Aznavour

[Jul 16, 2017] Grigory Leps

[Jul 16, 2017] Bela Rudenko

Руденко, Бэла Андреевна — Википедия

[Jul 15, 2017] Somewhere My Love

​Omar Sharif

[Jul 14, 2017] La Marseillaise

[Jul 13, 2017] Vadim Kazachenko

[Jul 11, 2017] Nicolai Gedda

[Jul 11, 2017] Elena Kamburova

[Jul 11, 2017] Evgenia Miroshnychenko

Мирошниченко, Евгения Семёновна — Википедия

[Jul 10, 2017] Victoria Ivanova

[Jul 7, 2017] Elena Obraztsova

[Jul 4, 2017] USA Independence day

[Jul 3, 2017] Tamara Sinyavskaya

See also Wikipedia


Random findings for June

A song that was very popular in the USSR in 70th.

[Jun 30, 2017] Группа КВАТРО

[Jun 29, 2017] Tumbalayka

[Jun 28, 2017] Flight of the bumblebee

[Jun 28, 2017] Виктор Гридин

[Jun 27, 2017] Alsou

[Jun 26, 2017] Jaak Joala

Йоала, Яак — Википедия

[Jun 24, 2017] Graduation. Farewell to school

[Jun 22, 2017] The Sacred War

[Jun 20, 2017] Vladimir Bunchikov and Vladimir Nechaev and

[Jun 16, 2017] Students songs

[Jun 15, 2017] Zhanna Friske RIP

RIP Жанна Фриске

[Jun 10, 2017] Lyudmila Zykina

[Jun 08, 2017] Maria Bieshu

One of the best performers of Un bel di vedremo'

[Jun 08, 2017] Two guitars

Аида Ведищева

[Jun 12, 2017] Tatyana Ovsienko

[Jun 11, 2017] Alena Apina

[Jun 4, 2017] Yulia Mikhalchik

[Jun 3, 2017] А он мне нравится

[Jun 2, 2017] Tchaikovsky waltzes

Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker

Waltz from Sleeping Beauty

Swan Lake Waltz

Valse Sentimentale

Waltz of the Snowflakes

Tchaikovsky - Eugene Onegin Opera - Waltz



Random finding for May 2017

[May 26, 2017] Алексей Глызин

[May 25, 2017] Valentina Lisitsa

Her website is ValentinaLisitsa. See also amazing concert at train station Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #12, played by Valentina Lisitsa on an amazing piano in St Pancras

[May 23, 2017] Polina Gagarina

Quote: "The Eurovision Contest certainly is as dreadful and cheesy as ever". And her song Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest did not impress me. I think Polina Gagarina is stronger in singing more serious songs such as Нет, не любил он, then Europop. But she definitely can do both -- see The winner takes it all


[May 16, 2017] Foreign songs popular in Russia

[May 15, 2017] Vladimir Matetsky (composer)

[May 13, 2017] Masha Rasputina

[May 11, 2017] Leonid Kharitonov


Songs of war times


[May 10, 2017] Bulat Okudzhava

[May 9, 2017] Victory day

[May 08, 2017] The best way to remember the war dead is to work to ensure that their ranks do not swell

[May 06, 2017] Ekaterina Shavrina

[May 05, 2017] Sati Kazanova

[May 2, 2017] Bolshoy_Children_Choir_of_the_Central_TV_and_Radio_of_the_USSR

[May 1, 2017] May 1 -- International Labor Day.

[Apr 30, 2017]Random findings for April

[Apr 28, 2017] Philip Kirkorov

[Apr 26, 2017] Russian Orthodox Music

[Apr 25, 2017] Группа КВАТРО

[Apr 15, 2017] Alla Pugacheva

[Apr 02, 2017] Eugene Magalif Don't Disappear song

[Apr 01, 2017] Humorous songs by Vissotsky

Random findings for March

[Mar 26, 2017] Иван Шмелёв

[Mar 26, 2017] Valentina Levko

[Mar 25, 2017] Мария Максакова

The Great Russian mezzo-soprano Maria Maksakova(1902-1974

[Mar 25, 2017] Maksakova-Игенбергс

[Mar 24, 2017] The Best Of Anna Netrebko Album

[Mar 24, 2017] Хворостовский, Гаранча Hvorostovsky, Garanca, Moscow 29.10.2015

Eric Grosch1 year ago

[Mar 23, 2017] Los Tres Tenores-Ochi Tchorniye

[Mar 23, 2017] Enough to lie, the memories are long gone

Enough to lie, the memories are long gone,
Days of the past will never more return.
Let's silence sobbing of guitar before dawn.
I want to sing and laugh, love and enjoy.
Be quiet Gypsy, enough to sing
About days poisoned by grief.
The old song will not warm me up.
Old life and lies I want to leave.
Be quiet Gypsy, don't cry my tribe,
The fiery melody will fly.
Oh, how much I'd like believe My future life won't ever pass me by.
2. Your love is gone forever. That I know.
We came together and then we parted ways.
But ,as before, I won't be weeping, no!
Because ahead are many cheery days.
Be quite Gypsy, enough to sing
About days poisoned by grief.
The old song will not warm me up.
Old life and lies I want to leave.
Be quite Gypsy, don't cry my tribe,
The fiery melody will fly.
Oh, how much I'd like believe
My future life won't ever pass me by.

[Mar 23, 2017] Liberace

Liberace - Wikipedia That's obviously not all Russian pieces but have found amazingly close to Russian music in spirit

[Mar 22, 2015] Klavdiya Shulzhenko

[Mar 21, 2015] Alexander Vertinski

[Mar 20, 2015] Alexandr Gorodnitskiy

Городницкий, Александр Моисеевич — Википедия

[Mar 19, 2015] Valeriy Leontiev

Игорь Иванов

Игорь Николаев

Лариса Мондрус

Крутится вертится шар голубой

This simplistic song has some strange attraction in it.

[Mar 12, 2017] Irina Ponarovskaya

[Mar 10, 2017] Fabrika

[Mar 09, 2017] Larisa Golubkina

[Mar 08, 2017] Andrei Mironov

[Mar 08, 2017] Foreign romantic songs popular in Russia

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